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Do These Pics of Oliva Munn Prove She's Hot?

Olivia Munn
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Olivia Munn was never really my type until I saw her interview in Jedi Junkies.

Yes, she showed up at a convention dressed as Slave Leia, but does that mean she actually likes Star Wars? Sure, she's the co-host of the popular geek show Attack of the Show, but that doesn't mean she actually plays video games does it? Then, I saw the interview of her in Jedi Junkies and realized this is a woman who truly gets it.

Its not just about the lightsabers and spaceships, its about an almost mythical world where anything is possible. How many hot women actually understand science-fiction without being condescending? Plus, she's pretty funny and cute. Oh, yeah. And she wore a Slave Leia costume.

Look at the pictures below and you decide. Plus, check her out in the awesome Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies and find out how far she'd go for the guy who built a Millennium Falcon in his backyard.

The Olivia Munn gallery is after the jump.


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Is Olivia Munn hot?
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  1. I was far more impressed by her Chun-Li costuming than Slave Leia. Dressing as Slave Levi is the default for hot babes in the sci-fi community. But my favorite is the first one with her on the street. She's cute

  2. Actually no she isnt HOT.  She is good looking but she is not anywhere near what it takes to reach that level. Basically they paint her up or dress her in fanboy costumes and everyone is suppose to be shocked that she did that.  yawn, it isnt all that original nor is it flattering to her in some ways.

  3. Olivia is a Good Girl. 'Nuf said!

  4. The girl is utterly gorgeous!!


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