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This Week in Geek: Toy Story 3, Green Hornet, and Nimoy goes to Vulcan

The Star Trek corset made by Evening Arwen allows women to be geeky and uncomfortable at the same time...just like when they go to a Star Trek movie surrounded by nerds. Unfortunately, they no longer seem to be available, so breathe long and prosper. [pic from Geekologie]

  • The third in the popular Toy Story trilogy was released on Friday, and has already broken records. Earning $109 Million, Toy Story 3 earned the highest gross on opening weekend of any Pixar film. An interesting image at The Chive compares the graphics from the original Toy Story with the new Toy Story. Comparing the 1995 version versus the 2010 version really drives home how far we've come in terms of CGI in the last 15 years.

    Maurice Mitchell: Those pictures are amazing. I was talking to my wife about how part of the inspiration for Toy Story was because they couldn't animate people well. Fifteen years later they could rival ILM. In another fifteen years they'll be doing photo-realistic graphics so well it will look like a live-action movie. In 3-D of course. ;)

    Monkey Migraine: I think it's truly extraordinary how far CGI has come in less than a decade. Even CGI movies made five years ago are looking a little weak.

  • The first trailer for The Green Hornet has been released. The movie stars Seth Rogen, a man known more for his comedic turns in movies like Superbad and Knocked Up than action. So far, reaction to the trailer has ranged from criticism for its overly comedic tone to admiration for its style and flair.

    Monkey Migraine: The trailer looks okay (just okay), but I don't know if anyone could make a good movie out of Green Hornet. He's always been a poor man's Batman. Too much of what he is has been done before and better. But I think this will be the best try the character will ever get.

    Maurice Mitchell: I've seen the Green Hornet trailer and the flick looks horrible. They're going for Batman Begins and ended up with Superman Returns. It's all flash and style with no substance. Seth Rogen was miscast, because even when he's hearing about his father's death you feel like giggling.

  • The Gene Siskel Film Center awarded Robert Downey Jr. its Renaissance award. The award was given to honor the way Downey has revitalized his career after it seemed lost in a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. The revolution of his career started with his starring role as Tony Stark in Iron Man, then continued with his high-profile roles in Tropic Thunder, and Sherlock Holmes, for which he won a Golden Globe.

    Monkey Migraine: I think this is deserved, but maybe a little premature. It's only been a few years since he was down in the dumps. All he has to do is relapse, and he's back in the gutter. But it is nice to hear a positive story coming out of Hollywood.

    Maurice Mitchell: It's early in his career, but well deserved. Robert Downey Jr.'s name used to be repugnant, even to me. Now, its cool. An amazing turn-around and a well-deserved honor. His portrayal of Charlie Chaplin was inspired as well.

  • Leonard Nimoy was honored by the town of Vulcan in Alberta, Canada for his most famous role, Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series. After a parade, leaving his hand print in cement, and unveiling a bronze bust of Spock, Nimoy seemed unusually moved by his appearance, saying, "I've never had an experience as touching as that in my life."

    Monkey Migraine: I think Nimoy was so moved by his appearance in Alberta because it wasn't a stadium packed with screaming fans who've devoted their lives to Star Trek. It's just a small farming town that set out to show their love for his character. It's the little things that make the difference.

    Maurice Mitchell: Nimoy avoided going to this town for decades. A town full of Star Trek fans can be a dream or a nightmare depending on your point of view. It's nice that he went and its a well-deserved honor.


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