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This Week in Geek: African American Spidey, Hobbit Trouble, and Sir Patrick Stewart

  • An innocent comment from a blogger at io9.com has triggered a grassroots Twitter and Facebook campaign to get former 30 Rock writer and Community performer Donald Glover an audition to play an African American Peter Parker in the new Spiderman reboot.
    Opinion: I actually think it would be a bold choice, but doubt this will happen. Sad to say, I don't think the audience is ready for a black Spider-Man. Peter Parker's problems are the problems of a nerdy white boy.
  • Director Guillermo del Toro has announced that he will be dropping out of the project to create a two-part prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, based on The Hobbit. Apparently, the problem stems from a development schedule that has gone from three years to six years and would require canceling other projects that del Toro had previously committed to.
    Opinion: Six years?! I can understand his concern, especially having to spend all that time in New Zealand. Nothing against New Zealand, but...come on.
  • There are rumors that the next Indiana Jones film will be the last, and will send Indy to the Bermuda Triangle. The new film would also be grittier and more realistic with less CGI.
    Opinion: Completely worthless. Not even the actors liked this one.
    Oddmakers: What are the odds this will be Indiana Jones' last film?
  • Famed X-Men and Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart was knighted at Buckingham Palace, placing him among the ranks of such famed British actors as fellow X-Men actor Sir Ian Mckellan and Sir Lawrence Olivier.
    Opinion: Long overdue. Patrick Stewart is a national treasure.

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  1. *I don't think Stan Lee is a racist, but he was quoted as saying a black Spider-Man would be "confusing." Wha...? I think it would be bold and gutsy enough to really make it a hit.
    * Movies have been in production longer than that. I think he just worried about loss of creative control.
    * 78% that Indy's last film. It depends on the film's gross and Ford's hip replacement.
    * Frankly I thought he already had one.


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