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Guy Remodels His Apartment Into Star Trek's Voyager Says Bankruptcy Was Worth it


Tony Alleyne, spent two years converting his studio apartment to live on the Star Trek spaceship "Voyager."

After his wife left him, he spent the next two years modifying his Hinckley, Leicestershire apartment using common home supply store items. "As a young boy, I had always dreamt of living in a spaceship," he said. Better than a wife some would say. Not me of course, but others (love you Honey!).

Voice recognition systems control many items and it has a transporter control with authentic sounds. The only catch is there's no kitchen and no bed, which he calls "overrated." The project took more than time and money after going into bankruptcy from the staggering debt he incurred.

"I receive many requests for various science fiction applications including 'Star Trek,' 'Dr. Who' and 'Star Wars'," says Alleyne. "The strange thing is most of the inquiries come from people who, for reasons I have yet to understand, expect me to work free of charge. I wouldn't dream of writing to a motor mechanic saying, 'Can you tell me how to fix my car via email because I don't want to pay you to do it'."

It's called the Internet my friend. Enjoy yourself.

In the end it paid off when he sold it on eBay for $838,563 and started a science fiction interior design business called 24th Century Interior Design.

So, no regrets. Living the dream, Man.

No word on if Captain Katherine Janeway has stopped by for an annoying visit.

Would you like to live out your dream of living in a fantasy home? If so, what would it be?


  1. I hope he remodeled it similar to the latest startrek movie. oldskul startrek is not my type

  2. Am currently recreating an Earthship version of D'H'riset. (make that a "Vulcanship")

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  5. Awesome! Developing in two years is worth it for him.

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  8. Now that's what I call a real Treky. I'm sure that he loves it a lot.
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  9. Sounds awesome! Send us some pics when it's ready

  10.  Good thing that he can now live his dream. I really do believe that if a person has the determination of achieving his dream it will never be difficult and impossible. Tony's story is really inspiring because he gave everything just to make his dream come true.


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