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Ackbar's Frap Warning, Cameron Goes Back Underwater, Iron Babies and Lost Truth Revealed: This Week in Geek

  • After watching the dazzling Avatar DVD last week I was left wondering about the sequel. Cameron's hinted at a lot, including delving into the oceans of the scientifically implausible Pandora. I hope they don't run into Jar Jar Binks. [Hero Complex]
  • There's a new trailer for the 1982 classic TRON by DrewboiX and it makes the original movie look hip and cool. Instead of cool in a depressing kind of way. [Gizmodo]
  • The Iron Man Baby video has taken the Internet by storm and is phantasmagorical. "An Iron Man movie parody starring my baby girl. The costume was created by her uncle STROB." The little diaper pin in the back as she faces off against Furries is my favorite part.
  • The creator's of the, now extinguished, television show Lost have finally admitted the truth. They made a lot of the show up as they went along. "It was a combination of both those things," Cuse said in an interview. "There was a big, mythic architecture which included a lot of what's in the finale...that we knew way back in the beginning...We allowed ourselves a lot of flexibility to change things around ... It was impossible to have everything planned out, and so it was kind of built in stages." You can pick yourself up off the floor from stunned surprise. On a completely unrelated note, here's a list of 126 questions the show left unanswered. My favorites are the ones around Walt. [Scifiwire]
  • Happy Anniversary - Twenty years ago this week - June 3, 1983 -  The Matthew Broderick suspense film Wargames opened. The movie, that follows a young hacker as he almost starts World War III was nominated for 11 awards and launched Broderick's career. It also inspired the term "War Dialing" because of a sequence where the computer randomly dials numbers.
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