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Top Ten Blog Posts of April Revealed

What were the hottest stories last month on GeekTwins? Well, Smallville's Chloe Sullivan prevailed, Star Wars' blue Jedi Aayla Secura is still sexy and the first confirmed picture of a time traveler captivated readers everywhere. Plus, sexy babes of science-fiction are still popular. Go figure.
1. Maggie Bridger Talks About the Chloe Sullivan Fan Commercial Legendary
2. The Legendary Chloe Sullivan Project Will Be Televised   
3. Aayla Secura is the Sexy Jedi
4. Top 10 Human Cloning Mistakes in Movies and Television
5. The Top 21 Lists of Sexy Babes in Science-Fiction
6. Pic of the Week: Time Traveler Captured on Film?
7. Repulsive Iron Man T-Shirts and Three Other Super Tie-Ins
8. The Controversy Over 3D in "Clash of the Titans"
9. What the Green Lantern Movie Costume Might Look Like
10. Remake Smackdown: V (1983) vs. V (2009)

Which one have you read and do you feel it belongs in the top ten?

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