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This Week in Geek: Megan Fox Out, Shatner Returns, and The End of Lost

Spock is always the one to make the tough but logical calls. 
Like the problem with the red shirts.

Here's some of the other stories that came down this week in the world of Geek.
  • It was announced last week that Megan Fox will not be appearing in Transformers 3. While the rumors have been that it was Michael Bay's revenge for Fox's trash-talking him, Megan Fox is insisting that she quit.
    Q: Do you think Transformers 3 is better or worse without Megan Fox?
  • [Bleep] William Shatner - William Shatner is starring in a new TV show that's already generated controversy before it airs. CBS is rendering the written title as $#*! My Dad Says, but on air it will be called [Bleep] My Dad Says. The problem is that the TV series is based on a popular Twitter site that is just what it sounds like: a Twitter where the author posts funny and profane things his grumpy old father says. The Parents Television Council is already launching a campaign to pull the license of any affiliate that airs the show, just for the title alone.
    Q: Do you think Shatner's [bleep] will be popular?
  • The End of Lost - "The End," the final episode of Lost, aired on May 23 and caused a schism among critics and fans almost immediately. Without giving anything away for those who haven't seen it, the final episode led some to praise its mystical and emotional qualities, while others found it disappointing and sappy. Ultimately, only time will tell if the controversy will help or hurt Lost's legacy.
    Q: OVER/UNDER: The Lost finale will go down in history as one of the most controversial series endings in TV history, along with the ending for St. Elsewhere and The Sopranos.
  • Happy Anniversary - May 22, 2010 was the thirtieth anniversary of the arcade game Pac-Man. Google celebrated by turning the website's logo (known as a "doodle") into a fully-functional version of the original game. It was only supposed to be online for 48 hours, but was so popular that Google permanently archived it at google.com/pacman.


  1. LOL Spock killing red shirt.
    Transformers will be way better without her, although you could probably achieve the same effect by putting a poster of Fox next to LeBouf through the whole movie.
    Bleep sounds like a funny show. After watching Shatner is the Priceline commercials I can totally see it. A. Funny yes.
    A. Over on Lost being overrated since the show achieved nothing but confusion for its entire run.
    It took me five minutes of google searching to find out I missed the "Insert Coin" button to play the game. Is that irony?

  2. Megan Fox being out of Transformers will do nothing to the film. She didn't make it any better and who knows, maybe now the film might actually be watchable, who knows? But, in the end, it doesn't matter, the actress is always just going to be eye candy in an otherwise hopeless film.


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