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How To Get the Most Of Your Iron Man 2 Showtime

We know you're going to see Iron Man 2 this weekend, so we wanted to give you some helpful tips on how to get the most of your movie-going experience.
  1. Free Your Mind - Undoubtedly, you're going to be standing in line with other geeks who think it's cool to know Tony Stark's real name is Anthony Stark. Here are a some quick bits of trivia to shut them up: The first appearance of Iron Man was in 1963. In the comics, James “Rhodey” Rhodes took over the role of Iron Man when Stark became an alcoholic. Tony Stark was modeled after the industrialist\inventor Howard Hughes.  
  2. Guarantee Your Ticket - There are pros and cons to this approach, but the way to make sure you don't see the dreaded "Sold Out" sign is to buy your tickets in advance. The con is that if you change your mind about the theater, or want to use movie passes, you're stuck. There are many ways to buy them online using sites like MovieTickets, Fandango or Moviefone*. Projections are that the film is selling five times more tickets than the original, so chances are your not getting in without an online purchase.
    *Disclaimer: I don't make any money off these sites, but I wish I did.
  3. Go Early, Stand Often - If you plan to see a big movie in the opening weekend, plan on standing in line unless you want to end up sitting in the front row. Show up at least a hour early and have something to do like a Nintendo game or a book to read. Also, do some stretches to keep from cramping during the run into the theater. That little kid in front of you may start throwing elbows. 
  4. Crack Some Easter Eggs - Easter Eggs are "hidden" in-jokes in films that most people would never get. If you don't mind the spoilers, you can print up a list of them from CHUD and snicker knowingly when they come up. This will make you look like a moron, but if you hear anyone else laughing, you know you found a kindred spirit. If you thought the Captain America shield in the first Iron Man was cool, then Easter eggs are for you.
  5. Get Your Extra Credit - Yes, there is a lot of peer pressure to leave as the crowds shuffle out of the theater. Yes, you'll get strange looks as you stay in your seat. Yes, the theater monkeys are trying to clean off the stale popcorn from under your seat. If you didn't stay after the credits for the first film you would have missed the first appearance of Nick Fury. Stay after the credits for a surprise. Otherwise just go here.
Do you have any movie going tips we missed?
[Image from chicago.metromix.com]


  1. Hi, I wish I had read your article earlier coz when I went for the movie, I reached there half an hour before, It was Houseful.....

    will hv to go next weekend....

  2. Sorry you weren't able to make it man. The theater was packed for us too.


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