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Green Lantern Will Wear No Clothes in Movie

Ryan Reynolds will not be wearing a spandex or rubber costume when he plays the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern in the movie coming out June 17, 2011. Last month, Slashfilm scooped that his costume will be mostly computer generated. The costume news was later confirmed (sort of) by comic artist Geoff Jones in a twitter post:
"The rumor is that Ryan's #GreenLantern uniform will be CGI -- h***, yeah it will be! Generated from his ring in Ivan Reis-like glory!! :)"
In the comics, Hal Jordon is test pilot on Earth when he meets a dying alien that gives him a "power ring"  that allows him to create any object he can think up. If you ever needed a giant green boxing glove, he was your man. He later joined an interstellar police force known as the "Green Lantern Corp."  The reasoning is that Green Lantern's costume will be alien-looking and a manifestation of his power ring. Reportedly, there are several scenes where he changes costume mid-scene and this will make it easier to do. I actually think this is a great idea since it would really set it apart from the other superhero costumes and add an even more unique twist to a unique film.

How do you feel about Green Lantern's costume decision?


  1. First, there was virtual sets ("Phantom Menace"), then virtual props, then virtual stuntmen ("Matrix Reloaded"), then virtual makeup ("The Dark Knight"), and now virtual costumes. Virtual actors is the next logical step - there's pretty much nothing left to make virtual.

  2. Eventually actors will be using Skype to teleconference their performances from home. On that day, the cinema will die.


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