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Are Doctor Who's Daleks Fighting Nazis? S05E03 TV Review

Season 5 (Series 31) Episode 03
Written By: Mark Gatiss
Directed By:  Andrew Gunn
Airdate: April 17, 2010 

The idea of Doctor Who's greatest enemies fighting in World War II Britain is intriguing enough, but when you add themes of humanity, loss and ethical paradoxes it just gets better. "Victory of the Daleks" is the third episode of the 2010 season of Doctor Who. It's a long-running British science-fiction show about an eccentric time-traveler, known only as "The Doctor," who travels through space and time saving the universe.

The episode picks up after the last episode with The Doctor (Matt Smith) being called by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to help with his newest weapon in the war effort against the Allied Forces. The Time Lord Victorious, and his mini-skirt wearing companion, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), are horrified to discover that the British plan to use his most hated enemy, the cyborg Daleks as soldiers against the Nazis. Sir Winston Churchill struggles to understand why he's afraid of them as the pepperpots cheerfully serve them tea and scones. Soon, however, the truth is revealed and they use The Doctor to create "Daleks: The Next Generation." These new multi-colored Daleks are so ruthless that they immediately destroy the "inferior" Daleks that brought them into existence. Soon, the Doctor is forced to make hard choices about the fate of the Earth and the Universe as they threaten to destroy Earth unless the Doctor lets them go.

This season of Doctor Who just keeps getting better. This episode is thrilling and exciting with galactic space battles and German air raids, but also touches on the theme of identity. The Daleks struggle to continue their race while recognizing they are not true Daleks, having been created from a new strain of DNA. Professor Edwin Bracewell's recognition of his humanity saves the Earth. The Eleventh Doctor struggles, once again, with his heritage as he weighs the needs of Humans against the needs of others. Even when he saves the day, he questions his decision. Matt Smith is doing a great job and shows real passion and leadership. Karen Gillan plays his Scottish companion with verve and excitement and a hint of mystery as she seems unaware of the Dalek Christmas Invasion of Earth.
Overall, I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

What did you think of Victory of the Daleks? Is the season getting better or worse?

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