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Welcome to the Blogroll: Comic Book Listing and Cybermage

We'd like to welcome two new additions to the Blog Roll:

Comic Book Listing!
Description: "The Comic Book Listings Blog features both 'User and Hand-Picked' Classified Comic Book Listings, Movies, Memorabilia, and News articles."
Why: It's like browsing your favorite comic book shop online. He manages to find some really funky and cool items like a life-sized Yoda statue and a Superman neon beer bar sign.
Favorite Post: Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali Statue

Description: "Books Are Like Really Good Friends, They are always there when you need them."
Why: My brother and I both love to read good science-fiction novels and Cybermage is a voracious reader. He does a great job reviewing books and then giving concise and well-written reviews. I run to the bookstore everytime he does a review.
Favorite Post: The Best of My New Books 2009

Check 'em out today!
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