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TV Review: V S01E06 When Soldiers Attack...Weakly.

"Heretic's Fork" was a mixed bag of startling revelations and blown expectations.

Summary: Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes realize the Vs know the names of the Fifth Column members; Ryan makes a revelation to Val; Chad begins the process to have his aneurysm removed. 

The Resistance tries to get information from the sniper who killed their informant by "any means necessary". This including a torture device called the "Heretics Fork" which is where the title comes from. Ana decides that the hybrid baby is the biggest threat to their species since "ProActiv" and awakens a soldier to destroy it. The release of the Super Soldier is set up as a whopping deal. Frankly, other than the skinny guy's "lizard-vision" and taking some bullets he didn't do much. Contrast this with Alien Nation when the guy turned into a hulking beast. Still, having a hundred of these guys on your tail would be a bad thing.

The characters are going through some interesting emotional struggles. Father Jack has to turn a blind eye to Hobbes' torturing. Ryan tells Valerie he's a lizard in Negro clothing and the impact of that decision was more bigger than I thought. Erica's son is accepted to the Visitor "LiveAboard" program which pressures her to tell him the truth about the Visitors.

*** Spoiler Recap ***
  • Chad goes to Father Jack looking for information about the 5th Column, but it turns out he's setting a trap for the Resistance. I figured Chad was an idiot, but not a weasel.
  • Valerie "Dear John's" Ryan for lying to her about the hybrid baby that she's now forced to carry to term.I never saw it coming, but my wife said if I ever impregnated her with an alien baby she'd do the same thing. Good to know.
  • Ana's daughter Lisa is showing signs of independence as she tries to talk Tyler out of going onto the ships. Tyler decides to do it anyway. "Aliens before Hos" I guess.
  • Hobbes tells the others he's going to take their prisoner to a secret prison, but takes him to the woods with a shovel to torture him to death. Can they really trust his amoral nature?
  • Dr. Leah Pearlman has an injection that can block the human tracking R6 which bodes well for the future of the human race.
Overall, I'd give the episode a three out of five.

What did you think of this episode of V?

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