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TOSSUP: Death Star Guy vs. Enterprise Dog

The world of homemade fan costumes range from the breathtakingly cool, to the pathetically lazy.
I'm not sure which is sadder: that they subjected a poor dog to this cardboard monstrosity of the Star Trek Enterprise, or that they used Bud Light beer can for the warp nacelles. [Boreme]

We can attack this guy for his lame attempt at a Star Wars Death Star costume out of paper-mache. We can admire him for having the foresight to make space for him to use his hands. We can, however, fault him for not bothering to wear clean pants and shoes. So, what happens if he has to go the bathroom? [HolyTaco]

Which of these has the more pathetic costume?


  1. That's tough! The dog's costume almost wins with the beer cans, however, the dog still looks cool - the guy looks like an idiot.

  2. Alex, you make a great point. The dog wears his costume with pride. 1 for Death Star Guy.

  3. I vote for the dog costume. While the Death Star costume is stupid with the guy's head sticking out, the Enterprise costume gets extra lame points for the animal abuse.

  4. So far, it's a tie with 1 point each.


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