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Smell Like Iron Man and Two Other Moronic Movie Tie-Ins

The armored superhero movie Iron Man 2 comes out May 7th, 2010 (check out the helpful counter in the sidebar), and with every big movie there are movie promotional tie-ins. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright moronic. Here are three of the moronic ones.

1. Diesel "Only The Brave" Iron Man Cologne
Timed for the release of Iron Man 2, Diesel is selling a limited edition re-branding of their cologne "Only the Brave" with a red and gold fist. The aroma is described as lemon blossom, coriander leaves, and lavender. Oddly enough, I always imagined the odor of "Iron Man" being machine oil, hot steel and generous amounts of flop sweat.
The 2.5-ounce size bottle sells for $67.50 in mid-April.

2. Iron Man Slurpee Drinks
Iron Man was a huge boon to the American convenience store chain "7-Eleven" in 2008 with sales of they're frozen drinks "Slurpee" boosting into the double-digits. This time around they're going all out with ten movie scene cups and straws designed to look like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Whiplash (Mickey Rourke). 
7-Eleven Marketing Manager Evan Brody said, "I think Slurpee-drinkers can relate to a character that doesn't always play by the rules." That's right. Slurpee-drinkers are exactly like billionaire industrialists who sleep with supermodels and wear battle armor.
The cups are on sale now and include a tie-in to the movie with a contest called "Collect like a Superhero. Live like a Billionaire."

3. Operation Iron Man 2 
Hasbro's popular kids board game "Operation", which challenges tikes to remove plastic body parts from a body while facing the threat of electrocution, has been re-branded with an "Iron Man" suit. If  Tony Stark's suit can be taken apart by a couple of kids with tweezers, he needs to rethink his design.
The game sells for $19.99 at Amazon.com.

Next week Monday, we'll feature five awesome Iron Man movie tie-ins.

How moronic or brilliant do you feel these Iron Man tie-ins are?

UPDATED: Changed title typo, text and added link


  1. Oh, I'd by myself some of that Diesel cologne :) Lemon blossom, coriander leaves, and lavender always went good with my skin :))

  2. @Dezmond I gotta agree with you. As a fan of cologne I say it sounds great. As a fan of Iron Man it seems a stretch. Thanks for the feedback

  3. the strategies seem to be good, I think the game will help attract a lot of kids to the movie :)

  4. The dumbest one in this list is "Operation." The idea of removing "water on the knee" or "funny bones" from Iron Man makes no sense. He's a freakin' superhero! He has a superpowered battlesuit! Why would he need an Operation? And the cover kind of says it all. I just imagine him going, "Hey, what's that kid doing with the tweezers? Hey, get away from me! Noooo!" Although they kind of did open the door for this in the first movie when his secretary had to remove his power thingie from his chest.

  5. Operation was a good find. I've got lost more for you though. Check these out:



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