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Repulsive Iron Man T-Shirts and Three Other Super Tie-Ins

The armored superhero movie Iron Man 2 comes out May 7th, 2010 (check out the helpful counter in the sidebar), and with every big movie there are movie promotional tie-ins. Some are good, some are great and some are downright awesome. Here are three of the super ones.

1. Iron Man 2 "Glowing Repulsor" T-Shirt
One of the coolest things about Iron Man is the glowing circle on his chest representing his arc reactor power supply. You can always make your own or you can get the same effect with a t-shirt. Kind of like those tuxedo shirts you wore to the prom.
You can buy them for $19.95 at the Marvel store.

2. Dr Pepper commercial
Dr. Pepper is going all out with 14 limited edition custom cans, but its the commercials that make them a winner. They even added our favorite cameo actor Stan Lee.
You can watch them on Youtube here.
3. Iron Man Roleplay Helmet - Like the now famous Hulk Smash Hands, Marvel always tries to come up with an awesome roleplay costume tie in. Some are lame, but this one is awesome with movie sounds and a flip up visor. It even has extra large eye holes so that the guy in the "Whiplash" costume can't sneak up behind you.
The Iron Man Deluxe Helmet is $34.86 at Amazon. Make sure you don't get the cheaper Iron Man Mask and Repulsor combo 'cause it doesn't do anything special.

4. Stark Expo 2010 Viral Site
One of the set pieces in the film is that Tony Stark relaunches a science and technology exposition in Flushing Meadows, New York. In connection with that Marvel has a viral marketing site called starkexpo2010.com. Its full of product placement, but there's also a fair amount of cool content and wallpapers.

What do you think of these Iron Man Movie Tie-ins? Excelsior?

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