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This Week in Geek - Slave Leia Cheerleaders, Apollo 13 and BSG Mail Trucks

[Pic of the Week from nba.com]
What's so great about this picture is not just that it has beautiful girls dressed as Star Wars' Slave Leia. It's beautiful cheerleaders dressed as Slave Leia, combining two male fantasies in one. In case you're wondering, this came from when the Phoenix Suns had a Star Wars: The Clone Wars night. Yes, I am a Phoenix Suns fans...at least, I am now. But I have to nitpick a little bit...why do they have Darth Vader and Slave Leia on Clone Wars night, when neither character is in the Clone Wars TV series? And what's the point of putting a Darth Vader costume on a guy who's already wearing a gorilla costume?
ODDMAKERS: What are the odds that attendance would go up if the NBA had "Jabba the Hutt" Cheerleaders?
  • A guy turned a mail truck into a life-size replica of a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper spaceship. The notes say it's street legal, but I find it hard to believe. I know Geico wouldn't insure it for 15 percent or less. If anyone finds a picture of this car rear-ending a Cylon Raider car I'll gladly pay $1 million for it.
  • Several cities are going to extreme lengths to be the home for Google's proposed ultra high-speed broadband experiment. Topeka, Kansas, renamed itself “Google, Kansas” for a month. Mayors of Duluth, Minnesota jumped into an icy lake. Not to be outdone, Mayors of Sarasota, Florida jumped into a shark-infested tank. One city even started selling Google Fiber flavored ice cream.The stakes are high, since one municipality will be chosen to be able to buy the high-speed Internet connection they claim will reach speeds of one gigabyte per second. That's one hundred times faster than current speeds, and would allow someone to download a full movie in less than five minutes. If they want to get Google's attention name every child born for the next month to Google Fiber. That way, everyone wins.
  • It's sad that there are 573 extinct languages in the world and millions of people learning Star Trek's alien Klingon language, but, at least they can get together at Star Trek conventions. Why would people bother to learn the Avatar Na'vi language if .00034% percent of the population would understand them? It would be hilarious if they got together with the Live Avatar Role Playing guys.
  • "Happy" Anniversary - This week, April 11 - 17, 1970, the Apollo 13 accident occurred stranding three astronauts in space. Three days after the lunar mission began, an explosion crippled the craft and forced them to use their lunar capsule as a lifeboat to return safely to Earth. This accident prompted the now famous phrase "Houston, we have a problem," which is actually a misquote from commander James A. Lovell's radio transmission "Houston, we've had a problem."
What do you think of this week's news and the Slave Leia Cheerleaders?


  1. ODDS: Zero. Hutt cheerleaders wouldn't be popular at all.
    1. That car is awesome. The Cylon crash would be epic.
    2. The part missing from that story is "what does Google Fiber ice cream taste like?" Now that's what I call promotion. The lake and shark swims were just stupid.
    3. The Avatar fans make me sad
    4. That was a misquote? I was not aware.

  2. I say at least 5% if the cheerleaders get pudgy. And what's with calling it Clone Wars night when they have characters from SW3?
    1. DISCLAIMER: Theonemilliondollarofferisintendedforhumorouseffectanddoes notindicateacontractoranyguaranteeofpayment. Voidwhereprohibited. Somerestrictionsapply.
    2. It tastes like fiber optic cable of course.

  3. Love the interesting tidbits. They were slave leia and gorilla Darth because they din't have a good costume designer and there was a sale on those costumes.

    BTW, the Wonder Twins were always my favorite Justice League characters.

  4. Thanks Carter! Yeah, those costumes are very lame. LOL
    BTW Surprisingly enough. they were our favorite too ;)

  5. Yep! I was agreed, I'll keep in touch to your blog. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted ;)


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