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TOSSUP: USB Gun or Bluetooth Handset?

USBGeek has many really cool items, but they also have some dumb ones that could land you in jail.

First, the "Bluetooth Retro Handset" which looks like an old telephone handset without the cord. When I was young, I lugged a car phone around and this seems like a great way to recreate the experience. What is the point of having a bluetooth headset if you have to hold it in your hands? I'm pretty sure these would get you locked up in California.

Second, we have the "Handgun USB Drive" which looks exactly like a 3-inch handgun. I had a switchblade comb that almost got me incarcerated in Washington DC. I'd recommend showing this to airport security while singing "bomb ba-ba-bomb bomb."

Which is the dumber idea?


  1. I like the handset, I could imagine buying that for my iPhone.

  2. Yeah, that handgun usb drive seems like a recipe for disaster. The handset is weird, but at least makes sense.

  3. It probably helps that there's an iPhone in the picture. ;)

  4. The winner of this weeks tossup? "Bluetooth Retro Handset"!


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