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This Week in Geek - Matrix vs. Avatar, Edison's Star Wars and Spider-Bum

"Please help me move out of Aunt May's house..."
 [Pic of the week from SciFiWire]
Members of the International Church of Jediism keep getting in trouble for not removing their cloaks. Last week Chris Jarvis, 31, was kicked out of a job center for refusing to remove his hoodie. The handbook of the UK Jedi Church states: "Jedis must wear a hood up in any public place of a large audience." Chris whined, "Muslims can walk around in whatever religious gear they like, so why can't I?"

First, I'd have more respect if he had the guts to wear an actual Jedi cloak and not just a jacket. Second, Muslims get in trouble for wearing religious gear all the time. Third, where is this rule coming from? Did Qui-Gon refuse to remove his cloak for the Gungan king Boss Nass? Did Obi-Wan Kenobi refuse to take off his hood when he met Luke Skywalker? It doesn't make sense.

Oddly enough, this makes me have more respect for the fan that got kicked off a jury for wearing a Star Trek uniform. May the force be with the news this week...
  1. Marvel's all excited because, Spider-Man is now a member of the gainfully unemployed. "He's fired very publicly at a big press conference," said Spider-Man group editor Stephen Wacker. "Jonah embarrasses him and news agencies won't touch him. He can't sell his photos anywhere. He's left without any prospects in the worst economy in three generations." There are many reasons he could have been fired. Doing the same thing that Eddie Brock did in Spider-Man 3 is insulting. [Splashpage]
    TOSSUP: Which is a worse name to go through fourth grade with: Stephen Wacker or Dick Butkis?
  2. Recently, Alice in Wonderland producer Richard D. Zanuck said, "[Star Wars creator George Lucas has] really been an innovator like nobody else. He’s the Thomas Edison of our time." Which makes sense, because I hear they're releasing a version of Edison's 1910 Frankenstein DVD with digitally inserted clips of the monster shooting Han Solo first. [LA Times / io9.com]
  3. TOSSUP: If you found $200 thousand dollars on the ground: Would you rather buy a Avatar "Na´vi Curved Dagger replica" or Morpheus' Matrix Katana?
  4. Studios are giving veiled threats to force competitor's movies out of the few 3-D capable screens. Paramount Pictures is telling theaters if they choose not to show it in 3-D, they won't get a 2-D copy. This means they couldn't show the film at all. I predict that this time next year studio executives will go into the octagon to fight it out for 3-D-capable theater owners. I've already got my ticket. [CompanyTown]

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  1. Good point about the Jedi's hoods. He's makin' it up as he goes along.

    1. Once again, they screw around with what works.
    2. If I remember my history, Thomas Edison did more than just make three good inventions in his career, then coast on those ideas for decades.
    3. Katana rules. The Na'vi suck.
    4. This whole 3-D thing is overrated.


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