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February's Popular Posts Round-Up

Here are the five most popular posts from last month here on Geek Twins in case you want to catch up.
  1. Top 21 Lists of Sexy Babes in Science-Fiction
    Not surprisingly, people like to see lists of sexy babes.
  2. James Cameron Calls Out the Raincoat Brigade for Avatar
    Oddly enough, most people find this post by looking for Neytiri's powder-blue nipples. Sorry guys. You'll have to wait for the unrated DVD for that.
  3. Top 10 Human Cloning Mistakes in Movies and Television
    This is an essay on the common goofs people make when portraying cloning.
  4. What the Green Lantern Movie Costume Might Look Like
    We can only hope the real costume is half as cool as this fan pic.
  5. No Flight, No Tights, No Point?
    A rant on the pointlessness of Smallville's "No Flights. No Tights" policy. Apparently, this touched a nerve in many.

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