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Christopher Nolan Talks About His Third Batman Movie

While the LA Times interview with Christopher Nolan about his Superman script doesn't have much in the way of his Superman script, it does have tantalizing information on the third Batman film. In it, Nolan confirms that he's not going to cop out. The third movie will tackle the fact that Batman ended up a wanted fugitive in The Dark Knight. He's also approaching the third Batman as an ending to the story, not just an attempt to keep the franchise going. I think that's a good approach, and it's an exciting idea that we'll have a Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman movies. It also seems to indicate that Nolan will not be directing a fourth Batman movie. If so, he will have left some big shoes to fill.

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  1. Looking forward to it. Nolan is an outstanding director and this set of Batman movies superior to the last set.


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