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This Week in Geek 01/15/10 BSG, Lawsuits and Jude Law

Pic of the Week by Funnyjunk.com
Now that's a movie I'd like to see. The Nav'i are in outer space because they're too scared to be on the same planet as Chuck Norris. On with the news.
  1. I was excited about The-Network-Formerly-Known-as-SciFi's Battlestar Galactica spin-off, Caprica, until producer Ronald Moore said, "It's setting out to tell a very different story... It's planet-based, instead of space-based, it's not action-adventure, it's much more centered on two families than a military environment. We wanted it to be much more about contemporary society and problems that are coming up on a social front as well as a technological front." So, apparently, it's a science-fiction version of The Gilmore Girls. [about.com]

  2. While the producer of Repo! The Genetic Opera is naturally upset about the new Jude Law movie Repo Men, which both feature a future where organ transplants are repossessed when the owners can't pay, I think he just needs to keep it in perspective. It's an original idea with great potential, but did they really think it would hit the big time as a funky rock opera with Paris Hilton? Do what Robert S. Fiveson, who had his 1979 film Parts: the Clonus Horror ripped off by Michael Bay for The Island, did and sue the studio. Otherwise, quit whining. [io9]

  3. OVER\UNDER: The lawsuit by Marvel against four of Jack Kirby's progeny, who are trying to cancel copyrights to Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and other Marvel characters, will be settled in two years.

  4. The downgrading of NBC's Day One, about a group of apartment neighbors surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, from a prime-time series to a TV movie shows that network television doesn't have the guts for science-fiction anymore. In two seasons, serialized science-fiction shows will be extinct on network television. [io9]
    TOSS-UP: Who would you rather share a post-apocalyptic apartment with: Will Smith or Denzel Washington?

  5. Even though directors like Michael Bay insist that 3-D is a fad, the success of Avatar in 3-D will convince studios to pressure directors to, at least, consider filming big-budget movies in three dimensions. [/Film]


  1. 1. Wow, so it's Battlestar Galactica without the space battles, Cylons, and alien worlds? Sign me up! I certainly hope more series pick up on this trend. A Star Wars TV series with no space battles, aliens, or Jedis is just what we need. To paraphrase the legendary Christopher Walken in "Batman Returns," "Yawn."
    2. Frankly, it's one of the few times where a blatant rip-off is a good idea. Like you said, the idea was great, but turning it into a rock opera was a lousy idea.
    3. OVER: It'll take a hundred years.
    4. I disagree, but it's not a good sign. Then again, maybe it's just a bad show. TOSS-UP: Will Smith. At least, he'll be funny and do some jive talking. Denzel seems boring.
    5. I disagree. It's already happening with some movies, but I think 3-D is a fad that will die a quick death. "Avatar" is a hit movie filmed in 3-D, not a hit movie _because_ of 3-D.

  2. 3. OVER. The lawsuit by Jerry Seigel's heirs against Warner Bros over Superman was settled in ten years.
    4. DENZEL. He might actually be able to protect me against the rampaging hordes of mutant looters. Plus, he wouldn't leave toothpaste on the sink.
    5. I think 3-D is here to stay if they can work out the technical glitches and cost.

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