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The Top 21 Lists of Sexy Babes in Science-Fiction

The Internet is full of lists of sexy babes in science-fiction, but who has time to go through them all and find the best ones? Apparently we do. Since we're not above the desire to generate traffic, we now present a list of the 21 best lists of women in science-fiction. We've tried to rate them based on content and, of course, picture quality. Some of these lists had ratings and some were just unordered lists. For the ones that didn't use ratings, we just figured they saved the best for last.

21 - A Pakistan News' "Sexiest Sci-Fi Women" is hilarious in its poor translation of English. The list is minuscule, listing only four women, but has the dubious distinction of being the most strangely worded entry in the list. Entries like "I’ve got to sit Number Six on this list. Number six is really a 10, his is a very complex character who just goes about as close to human as you can get without being human." There are no pictures, but it's hilarious.

Winner: Tricia Helfer, Number Six from "Battlestar Gallactica"

20 - Associated Content's "The 11 Hottest Women in Science Fiction" is a fascinating list, because even though the standard entries are there like Princess Leia, they added Marta Kristen from Lost in Space and Kari Wuher from Sliders. However, after seeing the word "sexy" for the 50th time, I think the writer could use a theasaurus. Here are a few suggestions: come-hither, cuddly, flirtatious, kissable, libidinous. There are no pictures, which I find odd since the title implies these women are the hottest.

Winner: Tricia Helfer, Number Six "Battlestar Gallactica"

19 - NiceGirl's TV's "The Women of Sci-fi" is alluring in that it's written by women. This means the list isn't based on how much the guy's hands tremble as he types, but on the inherent value of the woman to the genre. This leads to fascinating entries like Linda Hamilton from Beauty & the Beast, Yvonne Craig as Batgirl and Zoe Washburne in Firefly. Of course, the usual hotties make the list like Jessica Alba and Tricia Helfer, so there's something for everyone. Not surprisingly, there are no cheesecake pictures.

Winner: Diane Rigg, Emma Peel from Avengers

18 - Examiner's "The Most Beautiful Women of Sci-Fi" was also written by a woman, and she tries to capture multiple ages and types. It's a pretty good list of twenty-five women starting with Raquel Welch from Fantastic Voyage, and lists many unique entries like Linda Carter from Wonder Woman. A very well-thought out list, but lacking any photos. What's that, you say? No point in clicking on the link above? Well, fine. Skip to the next entry then.

Winner: Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager

17 - AOL Television's "Sexiest Sci-Fi Women in TV History" is a delicious listing of pretty much every popular woman in science-fiction. The list is good, but the pictures are horrible. The picture of Grace Park who played Boomer from Battlestar Galactica, elicited the comment, "I thought that was an old picture of George Takei for a second..."

Winner: Lindsay Wagner, Jaime Sommers from The Bionic Woman

16 - Mike Brotherton's "Six Sexy Smart Women from Science and Science Fiction" focuses on women in science-fiction that can actually carry on an intelligent conversation. This makes for a fairly short, but well-done list. Gillian Anderson tops the list, of course, but so does Kari Bryon from Mythbusters, and she's hardly science-fiction. Mike uses a mixed media approach and adds photos and videos for us to wistfully admire.

Winner: Alyson Hannigan, Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

15 - Total Sci-Fi Online's "The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi" chose women based on their impact on science-fiction and not necessarily their bust size. It's hard to deny Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) proved geeks will accept an intelligent woman that isn't wearing a halter-top, but it's debatable how much Megan Fox changed science-fiction versus automotive maintenance. The pictures are good, but not great.

Winner: Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Ripley from Alien

14 - ShortList's "Sexiest Women in Sci-fi" uses an interesting twist by featuring videos of women we can ogle. The descriptions are very logical and very funny. Too bad there are only ten, but any list that has "The 50 Foot Woman" and Lora from Tron can't be bad. No minority women in the list, but that seems typical of science-fiction in general. This point brings us to number twelve.

Winner: Natasha Henstridge, Sil from Species

13 - First TV Drama's "Black Women in Science-Fiction" is a fairly old list, but does hit all the classics like Uhura and, the more obscure, Lt Maxwell (Gina Torres) from M.AN.T.I.S. The list is broken into three parts: shows with female main characters, recurring characters, then shows that have never had a black female main character. It's no surprise the third section is the longest part. There are a couple of pictures, but, sadly, none of any substance.

Winner: Josette Simon, Dayna Mellanby from Blake's 7

12 - HecklerSpray's "Top 13 Hottest Sci-Fi Women Ever" lists Princess Leia as the hottest woman in sci-fi, which is justifiable, but also has Ashley Judd's guest appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I find this odd, since Counselor Troi was much more alluring. Overall, the videos are well chosen, but many have been removed and it's hard to ogle screencaps.

Winner: Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

11 - SciFi Babez' 10 Hot Sci-fi Babez Past and Present is a website devoted to "Sci-Fi Babez," so you'd figure they'd have a pretty good list. And they do have a good one, but it's awful short. A lot of popular entries show up and the descriptions are hilarious. We have to take a point off for choosing the over-saturated Megan Fox as the hottest, but we're willing to look past it since the added Zoe Saldana.

Winner: Megan Fox, Mikaela Barnes from Transformers

10 - Entertainment Weekly's "Sci-fi Hotties of '09" only deals with 2009, which proves this was a very good year. It's a short list of twelve women, but they make up for it with stunning pictures. They start with Tricia Helfer as Number Six, and end with Echo from Dollhouse. It also lists the robot Eve from Wall-E. I have no response for that.

Winner: Tricia Helfer, Number Six from Battlestar Gallactica

9 - FunnyTown's The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Babes adds a twist by showing tasty photos of them in and out of character. There are only a couple of surpises like Xev from Lexx, but it does have very engrossing descriptions and justifications. Good pictures and good women make good lists, my friends.

Winner: Milla Jovovich, Leeloo from The Fifth Element

8 - Radaronline's "Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi" is a list consisting mostly of bikini pictures. Since most science-fiction films don't take place on the beach, these are candid shots of the chosen actresses. Considering the site, this isn't surprising. This is one of those "cheesecake" lists, but it involuntarily proves that some women look better in clothes than out of them (ex. Charlize Theron). There are very few descriptions to distract us, so we have to make them up as we go along.

Winner: Uma Therman, Irene Cassini from Gattaca

7 - SciFiSizzle's Sexiest Women of Sci-Fi uses a community-based voting system that is very interesting, although it doesn't list either Princess Leia or Uhura, so it's kind of disappointing. The pictures are numerous and stunning. Oddly enough, the number one girl is from a low-rated television show named...what's that again? Oh, yeah. Andromeda. I can hear the echo from here.

Winner: Lexa Doig, Andromeda/Rommie from Andromeda

6 - Listal.com's "Hottest Women in Sci-Fi Past & Present" is another community-based list with great pictures, but no descriptions. It lists 35 women from Tess on Highlander: The Series to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For some reason, it has seven entries for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only three women from Star Trek and no Star Wars. I'll leave you to guess which Star Trek women made the list. Here's a hint: one rhymes with "heaven of fine."

Winner: Sarah Michelle Geller, Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5 - Online Game Walkthrough's "Top 10 Sexiest Women in Science Fiction TV Series" is short, choosing to focus only on television, but features an inviting gallery of the actresses more than the characters they play. The pictures are large, glossy, and well-chosen. Overall, it's probably the most effective at inducing the intended "man-trance."

Winner: Claudia Christian, Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5

4 - B4tea's "Top Sci-Fi Sexiest Women Photos" is another top ten list which focuses on its core goal: showing seductive pictures of women. In fact, it shows several photos for each entry. The sweet "girl-next-door" pictures of Kaylee Frye from Firefly are my favorite. The top ten entry is kind of a cheat since any picture of Denise Richards (Starship Troopers) is going to be good, and the movie itself is notable as one of the worst book-to-movie translations ever made.

Winner: Denise Richards, Carmen Ibanez from Starship Troopers

3 - Den of Geek's "Top 50 Sexy Sci-Fi Costumes" takes a different approach by focusing on the provocative clothing on women. Which is a perfect excuse to list pictures of sexy women. There are many well-chosen entries like Ursa from Superman II, the green dancer from Return of the Jedi and obscure old movies like Love Factor. I'm not sure if James Bond qualifies as science-fiction, but we're not complaining.

Winner: Ornella Muti, Princess Aura from Flash Gordon

2 -UGO's Top 50 Hottest Sci-Fi Girls is one of the best lists out there. The pictures are fantastic and the entries are pretty comprehensive. It lists why the girls were chosen, and then what they'd like to see them do next. The obvious entries are there like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox - although she's number 50 - but there are a few surprises like Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science and Virginia Hey from Farscape. The fact that Virgina Hey is on so few lists boggles my mind, but I know the muppets put a lot of people off the show.

Winner: Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia from Star Wars

1 - Flixter's "Science Fiction Babes Through Time" is the winner because they list steamy women from over fifty years, sorted by decade, recognizing that these lists are a product of their generation. A fifteen-year-old might look at Raquel Welsh and think she's arousing as his grandmother, but drop a jaw at Jessica Alba. On the other hand, someone from the 80's might find Eartha Kitt inviting, but Megan Fox trashy. The descriptions are simple, but well-done and there are lots of gorgeous, well-selected pictures. As an added bonus, you can watch the clothing styles go from one-piece potato sacks to pasties and dental floss.

Winner: Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Ripley from Alien

While this is technically a list of other lists, we can extrapolate from the winners the following: Tricia Helfer is the hottest woman in science-fiction, with Carrie Fisher being a close second.

What do you think of the lists? Did they hit the mark?

[Images from avengers.tv, burntime and from their respective websites]


  1. Nice list. This is always a controversial topic, since everyone has their favorites, but I think the combined total points in the right direction. I think it would be interesting to take all the lists, tally who appeared and how often, and use it to produce a definitive list of the hottest women in sci-fi.

    But the plethora of lists proves one thing - sci-fi may be for geeks, but it also produces some hot babes.

  2. I was thinking about doing that, but ran out of time. I think you just volunteered bro. ;)
    Well, I think it comes down to what would attract a geeks attention best and that's hot babes.


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