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This Week in Geek 12/11/2009 - Will Smith, Terminator, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man

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This week's geek news is "Spider-Man 4" heavy, which shows I'm more excited about Spider-Man than I'd like to admit. In unrelated news, Paul Ruebens is making a new "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" stage show which proves his career has ended where it first began. I'm not sure if it's going to be as funny to see a 57-year-old guy prancing around in short pants.
  1. Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, says that the upcoming "Spider-Man 4" sequel will not be in 3D. I hope more studios fight against this trend since, most of the time, it's nothing more than a contrived stunt.
    TOSS UP: Which movie would you like to see remade in 3D: "Edward Scissorhands" or "Batman (1989)"?
    I vote for "Edward" since I'd love to see those scissors flying at the screen. Who would you vote for?

  2. McG says he's making two more sequels to "Terminator: Salvation". I'd worry about it, but, the film nuked the fridge with the Terminatrix anyway.

  3. "Iron Man 2" was voted as the most anticipated comic book movie of 2010 by the cutting-edge news website "Duh!".
    OVER\UNDER: The number of sites linking to the MTV post will top 1,090 by the end of the month. I say UNDER, since it's not really news. What would you say?

  4. Michelle Rodriguez', who stars in Avatar, talked about using props while filming CGI movies, and it's brilliant. She said, "You watch the first one ["Episode IV" in 1977] and I don't know how you feel, but I wonder, 'Why does this feel so much greater than the digitized world he [George Lucas] created now?' And I realize it's because of the props" Hopefully, more directors read it and listen to her words of wisdom. Plus, it calls out Emperor George Lucas.
  5. ODDS MAKERS: Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics' Editor in Chief, says the film based on the Nordic superhero "Thor" will "re-define what a super hero movie can be". What are the odds that he's right? Considering that "Batman Begins" already did this years ago, I'd say 45%. This is assuming that he means "redefined" in a good way, as opposed to "Hulk", which redefined superhero movies as artsy garbage. What do you think the odds are?

  6. Tobey Maguire whining about fighting to get one of the movie "Spider-Man" suits is ridiculous. First, the suits are each hand-made and cost  $100,000 apiece. Second, Sony already lost four costumes to theft and was probably skittish about giving away the ones left. Third, most superhero movie stars don't keep their costumes. Robert Downey Jr. had the same problem and he didn't whine to Oprah about it. Finally, the guy's already been paid over $36,500,000 for his roles and can afford to buy his own costume. Did he want them to throw in one of the movie sets too?
    ODDS MAKERS: According to rumors, John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway are joining the cast of "Spider-Man 4" as the geriatric villain "Vulture" and "Vultress". What are the odds that Dylan Baker (Dr. Curt Connors), will live to see his role as the reptilian "Lizard" make it into the "Spider-Man" films? I'm voting that the odds are low at 25%. It's been six years since the director, Sam Raimi, foreshadowed the coming of the Lizard and he obviously isn't keen to introduce him. Poor Dylan's had his arm strapped to his chest for almost a decade and still gets no respect. What do you think the odds are?
Respond in the comments! Do it now before your A.D.D kicks in!


  1. 1. Agreed. I think it's sad that we're at the point where movies have to state that they *aren't* in 3-D. And let's state for the record that "Spiderman 3" is also not in Smell-O-Vision. TOSS-UP: Batman.
    2. Agreed. I thought "T:S" was going in the right direction, but they do have to dig themselves out of a deep hole with T3.
    3. Agreed. UNDER: Most people won't link to the MTV article on "Avatar."
    5. Disagree. If they did it right, "Thor" could be an amazing movie. Superman is treated like a god in the movies, but Thor actually is a god. So that could get some legs.
    6. Agreed. Be glad you got a paycheck, Tobey. But the Vulture and Vultress? Lizard! Lizard!

  2. @monkeymigraine
    1. Smell-o-vision LOL
    2. T:S was ok, but the feel was completely different from the others, so it's hard to imagine it fitting in seamlessly.
    5. Thor has always had a confusing origin. Is he a god or isn't he? I think it might be good, but revolutionary? I dunno.
    6. LOL

  3. @monkeymigraine
    6. With Spider-Man being rebooted, the odds are now 0%


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