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No Flight, No Tights, No Point?

This blog post deals with the most exasperating part of the show "Smallville": the cardinal rule of "No flights. No tights". When the show first aired, the producers, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, felt their target audience wouldn't be able to accept a hero in a cape and tights. They wanted a hero that young people could relate to, and watching a guy fly around wearing spandex seemed preposterous. More importantly, the rule showed me they recognized that this was not Superman, but they wanted to show how he would become the hero we know. But, nine seasons later, we find the rule has become pointless. Fans are angered by the policy and the producers don't care about the spirit of the rule. But, since they made such a big deal about the rule, they can’t let it go. Clark wears a "costume" with the Superman symbol on it, has a secret identity of "The Red-Blue-Blur" and regularly fights for truth, justice and the American Way. So, here we have a TV series about Superman that doesn’t have Superman, which is pointless, stupid and lame.  By now, its clear the producers want to remake “Smallville” into an alternate reality of Superman. The show has sabotaged the continuity of Superman by guest starring the DC Universe every week to boost flaccid ratings. The saddest thing is that a few weeks ago I tuned in for "The Wonder Twins". So, it works I guess.
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  1. I totally agree. I used to be a huge fan of "Smallville," when the fan was watching him evolve into the Superman we know and love. Sure, it wasn't always faithful, but you could see where they were going. And then they introduced Lois Lane and completely went off the rails. In my mind, there was no way they could go to the modern Superman at that point, because the chronology is all off. It's like they're trying to see how close they can get to Superman without being Superman. And they've gone too far.

  2. @monkey. Just cancel the show and say, "thanks for the memories". Rosenbaum had the right idea by leaving the show.


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