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Iron Man 2, War Machine and Big Guns

The international poster for the "Iron Man" movie - due May 7, 2010 - was released to Yahoo last week, and it looks awesome, but raises some questions. The idea of shortening the title to the sequel number is bizarre, but I guess they're hoping the designs are recognizable enough to speak for itself. For those not familiar with the characters, in the Marvel comics Tony Stark's African-American friend, Jim Rhodes, took on the role of Iron Man occasionally and became a super-hero called "War Machine".

The movie design of the "War machine" armor is darker, angrier and more functional than the sleek lines and bright colors of Stark's. Plus, the suit has a ginormous Gatling gun on the shoulder. I'm still skeptical that Don Cheadle will pull off the character as well as Terrance Howard, but we'll see. Cheadle has always struck me as an actor than seethes rather than explodes with anger, so it's hard to imagine him being as angry as Rhodes is portrayed in the comics. I'm guessing they're not going to go with the comic book incarnation of Jim as a cyborg, rather than just a guy in a suit.

It would have been nice not to have the black man in the background, but this is probably a reference to the story-line of the suit being created by Tony's business rival Justin Hammer (played by Sam Rockwell) and may indicate a rift between them. Otherwise, it's just another example of black superheroes getting second billing.
What do you think?


  1. Don Chealde...Mickey Rourke...To be honest, the only thing that gives me confidence in this movie is the fact that the last one was so good. I mean, no movie sequel to a great movie turns out to be a disappointment, right? Right?

  2. In my opinion, Iron Man 2 is going to be the blockbuster of the Hollywood just because of its cast and more importantly the theme of the movie as many of the youngsters like to see some bad action.


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