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Geek of the Week 10/9/2009

Here's this week top stories and opinions.  In the comments you can agree or disagree. Join in the conversation!

  1. The Joker Blogs are getting a lot of attention for it's spot on impression of Heath Ledger's Joker being interviewed by Dr. Quinzel. But, this time next year there will be a bunch of imitaters in the spirit of YTMND looking to cash in on the idea.
    OVER\UNDER: There will be 95 blogs based around the same theme this time next year

  2. The new Doctor Who logo, two new series (K-9, and cartoon) and new doctor are all disturbing signs.  The Doctor Who phenomen is starting to wind down and may have already jumped the shark.

  3. With Marvel announcing a release date and new promotional poster for the "Avengers" movie, and Edward Norton discounting rumors that he doesn't want to replay Bruce Banner, this film is setting up to be the blockbuster of 2012. It will also destroy a number of franchises since people will only want to watch them in one movie and will skip the individual sequels.

  4. The new tool from Google, called Wave, will revolutionalize communication but will also ramp up privacy concerns since it doesn't allow for deleting of content.
    ODDMAKERS: Odds that Wave will replace email in five years.

  5. The Viewmaster movie, based on toy, will be highly original and not at all gimmicky.

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