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Sci-Fi Snippets: 9/2/09

We present this week's Sci-Fi news and opinions. True or False?

  • Now that Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment, the company is going to ruin the comic book characters we know and love.
    OVER\UNDER: The word "Spider-Mouse" will be used 4025 times in articles describing this merger.
  • If Futurama didn't include the original voice actors, as was feared, the show would have been doomed or not aired at all.
  • The Movie "Teen Wolf" is getting a reboot into a new film
    television series. This film
    show is guaranteed to be better than "Teen Wolf 2" as long as they don't recast Jason Bateman.
    TOSS-UP: Who is more likely to ruin werewolves for the next ten years: Jacob Black from "Twilight" or George from "Being Human".
    UPDATED: Turns out it's a TV show not a movie.

  • The most pirated movie this week is "Twilight", this is almost as surprising as "The Day the Earth Stood Still" being number ten.
    ODDSMAKERS (0-100%): Chances that "Batman and Robin" will be next week's most pirated film.
* OVER - The word "Spider-mouse" is now over 2,400 results in the news search.
* 0% - The most pirated movie this week is "Year One". "Batman and Robin" isn't even in the top ten.

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  1. FALSE: Disney has a history of taking over companies and making them better. Think PIXAR. This is a great move for Marvel and will free up a lot of cash flow. Probably they'll sell the company in five years anyway. OVER: Journalists are notoriously lazy at allegory, plus it makes a good visual.

    FALSE: Many shows come back replacing the voice actors and did well. Think of "Ren and Stimpy" and MST3K. Only the hardcore fans would care if the voices are different. Most NORMAL people wouldn't notice anyway.

    TRUE: A TV show based on Teen Wolf could do pretty well. The only thing that makes me wonder is the Teen wolf cartoon show which added a bunch of characters and completely eliminated the puberty analogy. Good if it's a comedy, not a sitcom. Better if it's a dramedy like "Buffy the vampire slayer". TOSS-UP: George would ruin werewolves for a long time. Werewolves are always portrayed as losers in their human form and monsters in their animal form. Why can't we have more werewolves like they have cool vampires? The closest we've gotten is Jack Nicholson and that's a stretch.

    FALSE: It's not a surprise since lots of people are looking forward to the new movie but don't want to pay for it. "The day the earth stood still" is popular for the opposite reason: Lots of people hated the movie and don't want to pay for it. ODDS: 95% the movie is hilariously bad.


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