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Doctor Who Dalek Out of 480,000 matchsticks

From the "Aint-it-Cool...kinda" file comes word of a full-scale replica of the Daleks made entirely out of matchsticks. Brian Croucher, 66, spent over two years making the replica because of the best of all reasons: His wife said he couldn't do it. "I did a Dalek because my wife Hazel bet me to do it as a challenge. Because I had made the five foot motor launch I wanted to make something bigger with more detail."

Using special modeling matchsticks (didn't even know they existed) he tirelessly worked on it in his living room for two hours a day. Besides caster wheels to let it roll around it even has a voicebox to say "Ex-ter-min-ate, ex-ter-min-ate!"

Because the 5' 3" death-bringer takes up space in the sitting room he's willing to let it go. "I want to sell it," he said. "I'm prepared to listen to offers and sell it to the highest bidder."

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  1. Pretty geeky, all right. But oddly, I'm not impressed by it. Now Legos, that's a real challenge.


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