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Are Smallville's Shark Jumping Days Over?

The season premiere of Smallville is this week and, frankly, I'd be more interested in a giant festering pimple on Rush Limbaugh's butt. Not only did it jump way over the shark when they brought Lois Lane to Smallville, but they consistently and desperately introduce new characters and plotlines that are way outside of the Superman continuity. The Legion of Superheroes was OK, but Doomsday?! I won't even go into how they got rid of the token black guy in the whole town of Smallville.

That said, two things give me hope: First, in the season finale they kill off Jimmy Olsen. My first thought was, "What? How could they kill Jimmy?" But then, they put in the twist that his little brother James is at the funeral. Get it? No? Well, then, Chloe hands him a camera. That's right. The Jimmy in the show isn't the Jimmy Olsen from the Superman years, but his older brother. I always did think he was a little too old.

The second thing is that they're introducing Brian-Austin Green as "Metallo". Better than the ultra-lame version from the Superboy series though, he looks like something out of "Virus" as a patchwork of medical mishaps.

Add that Clark is going to stop being the whiney little baby he has been and you have the makings of a possibly mediocre series.

Oh, Smallville, you've disappointed me so many times before and I keep coming back. Thou art a harsh mistress.

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  1. I watched the episode and it was so boring I found other things to do. My wife had to fill me in on the ending. On the plus side, she loved it.

  2. It's kind of sad how they let the show fall apart. They're completely out of touch with the audience.


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