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Captain America Back from the Dead

"Well...I got better..."
Shocking to no one, and a surprise to few, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is back alive and well.  Marvel announced in the Daily News the return of the First Avenger two-and-a-half years after his assassination in an upcoming five-issue series titled "Captain America: Reborn."  He was originally supposed to be "dead" for six months, but the series popularity actually increased with his untimely death. Ed Brubaker, the writer of Captain America said, "...The story kept growing and growing and becoming more popular. We didn't originally have a plan for anyone else to become the new Captain America, but that just grew out of the story we were telling." Marvel hasn't released details about Roger's return, but hints that he was "on a Vonnegut-esque metaphysical journey," and "while he seems to be dead, his mind and his spirit" are alive elsewhere.

While fan-boys are ecstatic, no one really believed Marvel's flagship character would stay deceased. After all, he was dead in the comics for almost thirty years, but it is unique in the sense that Superman, the other high-profile superhero death, was only dead for a year.
EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Steve Rogers is back as Captain America | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times


  1. When I heard they killed Captain America, I was irritated. I mean, we all knew they were bringing him back, so it was just a stupid gimmick. And I think it's sad that it worked. Next up, kill everybody in the Marvel Universe, and publish blank pages for six months.


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