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X-Men Origins: Continuity Destroyed

The new movie had a whole slew of continuity problems that are introduced, however let's just stick with the ones from the movies and ignore the comics:

  1. In X1, Sabretooth's eyes are black in X1 and normal in XOW.
  2. Sabretooth had two sets of fangs in X1 and one set in XOW. While we can assume that he made massive physical changes between XOW and X1, why would they happen over a span of a few years when he's lived for over one hundred years without changing?
  3. Sabretooth shrank in height and changed hair color from brown to blonde.
  4. Sabretooth didn't seem to recognize Wolverine or indicate they knew each other in any way.
  5. The flashbacks in X2 indicate several people in surgical masks, yet there were none present in XOW.
  6. An X-ray in X1 showed the intricate blade work in his hands, but there was apparently nothing done besides injecting Adamantium to his bones.
  7. Striker's accent changes from X2 to XOW.
  8. Sabretooth barely spoke in X1 in private or public, however in XOW he was extremely vocal and had an ironic sense of humor.
  9. Professor X is standing in XOW. However, he was in a wheelchair in the flashbacks of X3 when he visited Jean Grey. If we assume she was ten at that time then Scott would have been one (nine year difference between them). At the time of the film it would have been, at least, fifteen years later and he's out of his wheelchair and can walk. So, apparently, he went back into his wheelchair by the time of the first film X1. While it was never explained in the movie how he became a paraplegic, the movie introduces the idea that it happened more than once.

UPDATE: Turns out I had to amend a couple things after watching X2 again.


  1. Lot of good points. Not much to add, except that they clearly weren't sweating the details.

  2. If you were paying attention in XOW you would have noticed that Wolverine had bone claws to begin with. These, like the rest of his skeleton was covered in adamantium when it was "just" injected to his bones.

    You would also do good to remember that XOW takes place long before X1, X2 or X3. Things can change; this does include Sabretooth's eyes, fangs, memory, and the willingness to talk. This would also cover Charles (Professor X) being in a wheelchair.

  3. @Angie. Thanks for visiting our blog! While I know it is tempting to attribute the X-ray to being natural bone claws a closer inspection of the x-ray confirms that the claws were originally mechanical in nature. This is actually an established fact in the Marvel Universe until recently when it was "retconned" into bone claws. The original "Handbook of the Marvel Universe" comic had a detailed explanation of how the claws worked, which a quick Google search would explain better than we can.

    The idea that over the span of a few years Sabretooth would develop distended pupils, grow a new set of fangs and decide to stop talking in coherent sentences points to serious emotional trauma which I hope he eventually sought therapy for.

    As for the Prof Xavier wheelchair incident we understand that he's in and out of the wheelchair, but our point was that X3 consisted of flashbacks with him being in the wheelchair before the events of X1,X2 or X3.

    Still, Angie raises good points and we're grateful for the opportunity to add to the discussion.

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  5. I'm not sure which version of X-Men 3 you saw, but in the flashback at the beginning with Xavier and Magneto, Xavier is not in a wheelchair. He steps out of the car with Magneto and walks up to the Greys' front door.

    Also, as others have pointed out, you don't really seem to grasp that there is at 13-15 years of time that passes between XOW and X1. XOW ends in the mid 80s and X1 takes place in the early 00s (In X1, Xavier estimates that 13 years have passed since Wolverine received he adamantium and Stryker confirms this in X2, which takes place 2 years later, by stating he has not seen Logan in 15 years). That is a ton of time to explain how Creed evolves into Sabertooth, how Stryker overcame the murder charges he faced at the end of XOW, and how Xavier became paralyzed (I don't know if the producers will touch this, but just because they don't doesn't necessarily mean it's a continuity error).

  6. just watched XOW and googled continuity error and stumbled upon this page.
    Firstly I agree that you see a montage of Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting in every war, with the same appearance, this is spanning over centuries, yet are we to believe such a dramatic change in sabretooth in 14 yrs after all of that?

    I watched X1 and 2 last night, and even Stryker says "I have you the claws." Everything in X1 2 and 3 goes along the lines of Wolverine having regeneration abilities and wolf like characteristics, and the adamantium and claws coming from the experiment. But then in XOW, you see him with Bone claws, and Sabretooth with claws, that were never seen in x1!

  7. Doug, that is an awesome timeline of the X-Men movies and you're 100% right about Xavier being out of the wheelchair in the X3 flashback. Thanks for clearing that up. But, I have to disagree with you about Sabretooth. If we look at the movie timeline, he lived for decades. Why would he change so drastically in fourteen years? And the dude "devolved" into a brutish, mute slow-witted moron. Thanks for the clarification though. You get the "No-Prize." :)

  8. Jay, you're right. I never noticed that before. Stryker said, "You were always an animal Logan. I just gave you claws." He should have said, "You were always an animal Logan. I just gave you Adamantium to cover the claws you already had.".
    But, maybe he was just messing with Wolverine's head.

  9. Well the new prequel brings a whole new slew of Proffessor X walking issues, so you are all going to have to come up with better reasoning besides blatent lack caring on the writers part

  10. Mystique DNA, now get on curing the XMFC continuity stuff

  11. 1, 2, 3, 4 8. Mystique DNA 'makes you who you really are', and she's in this Brotherhood junk with Sabretooth, isn't she?
    4 part 2. Better watch X1's Sabretooth bits again with what you know now...
    5. I'll give you that one..
    6. Dem claws are under the adamantium
    7. It's been a few years man
    8. Maybe Magneto uses metal powers to let him walk

    Although trying to rationalize them aside (and some do work), XMOW is awful

  12. in sabretooth changes. Striker could have experimented in him so he could strengthen his mutant abilities and erase his memory making him that mute beast



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