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ABC's V Remake going live

Saw the new trailer for V and it looks pretty good. Instead of the Nazi allegory they're taking more of a religious allegory.

The trailer sets up the show and the main characters, starting with a sequence right out of Independence Day. V is slated to debut in midseason in early 2010.


  1. When I saw "V," I thought you were saying it was a remake of "V for Vendetta."

  2. That show does look interesting, but is it a mini-series or a full series. I'm not sure changing the moral to a religious allegory is a good idea. And I think the alien invasion show has been done to death. But maybe they'll pull it off. Big up on them getting the babe from "Firefly," though, awesome. She has an exotic beauty that is totally out-of-this-world. Definitely watching it.


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