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Happy "Back to the Future Day" (For Real This Time)

After years of misleading Tumblr and Facebook hoaxes, (there's actually a Tumbler that has been literally proclaiming every day as the day McFly went back in time since 2013) the day is finally upon us. In the classic movie Back to the Future II, Marty McFly traveled to the then-distant future of October 21, 2015. I'm sure no one expected the movie to still be around, and it's hard to believe, but here it is. We've officially reached the future.

In honor of the date, if you happen to have Amazon Prime, you can stream all three movies for free this month. If not, theaters around the country are going to be screening the original movie in theaters (check your local listings).

Toyota brought together Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox to discuss the momentous date:

Also, check out this video of teenagers reacting to the realization that they're living in the future:

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But no, we're not going over everything BTTFII got wrong about 2015. Because for once, we're the ones who will say it: it's just a movie!

How will you celebrate? What are your memories of Back to the Future II?

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  1. I really want those flying cars :)

  2. Thank you for the link. I'd love to see these movies again.


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