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Marvel's DAREDEVIL E4.S1: "In The Blood" [Review]

Dardevil (Charlie Cox); Source: Marvel/Netflix
Daredevil has finally been released on Netflix. All thirteen episodes are available for viewing right now, but I decided to review each individual episode in the season, as if it were airing on TV. Today, I'll be reviewing the fourth episode, "In the Blood." I won't spoil this episode too much if you haven't seen it all, but I will be discussing the episodes leading up to it, so if you haven't seen the show at all yet...

Wow. Every time I think this show is hitting its stride, it takes a giant leap forward. This episode is my favorite so far, but I think I thought that about the last episode, so I'll probably end up shifting later on.

The main story involves the Russian mobsters Anatoly and Vladimir, finally acting on the guy Daredevil threw off the roof in the last episode. Through him, they find and kidnap Claire in order to draw Daredevil out. Daredevil has to leap into action to save her. Meanwhile, Karen approaches reporter Ben Urich to try to find a way to expose her former company for their actions.

The incredible thing about this episode is that there was a moment where I was genuinely afraid for the characters. I feared for the worst. It's rare that I actually feel someone is in jeopardy, where I think to myself, "This could be it." Usually I just say to myself, "Eh, he or she is a main character, nothing will happen." But watching the character (who I won't name, no spoilers) suffering made me briefly wonder if the show was pulling a Game of Thrones. I didn't see how the character was getting out of it. Awesome.

But by far, the best thing about this episode is that we finally saw Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk in all his glory. It was a long wait, but wow, was it worth it. The fact that we first get to know Wilson on a date with a woman was very unexpected. I thought the whole thing was some sort of elaborate con game. When I realized he really was just a man who was looking for companionship, it broke my heart. In the comics, the Kingpin is a monster, so I was shocked to find myself actually sympathetic towards and even liking him. And then...in the end, Kingpin became more brutal than I ever imagined.

The opening scene showing the Russian brothers in the miserable prison they came from really humanized them, making them more than thugs. And as they bickered about what to do about Daredevil, they had a real chemistry, like two actual brothers. I thought it was so impressive that the show works to flesh out all its characters, and doesn't just leave them as black-and-white, good-and-evil.

I also want to mention that I love the character of Ben Urich. First of all, he's African-American. Go, diversity. Second of all, he's more complex than the stereotypical investigative reporter from the comics. He's weary, determined to fight the good fight, but worn from the consequences of his exposes. I can see him awakening throughout the series. Also gives Karen Page more to do. But how tantalizing was Urich's mention of Karen's secrets? Perhaps she's not the good girl she appears.

I really love this show. But I still don't like the guy who plays Foggy. Compare his performance to Jon Favreau's in the movie, and you'll see how he hams it up.

What did you think of this episode? What do you think of the show so far?

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  1. They have done a good job of developing the characters. Being able to see how people end up becoming either heroes or villains, and actually caring about it, speaks volumes to the writing on the show.
    I love Vondie Curtis-Hall as Urich. He has the look of a seasoned reporter, along with the likability.


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