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Phunny Photos: The Avengers in One GIF, CSI: Death Star, Etc.

Every week, we stumble across some great and funny images. Here's a roundup of ten of them.
1. The Avengers Movie in One GIF

2. Indestructible Items in Avengers

3. Love for George Lucas

4. Star Wars Mouseketeers

5. Girlfriends and The Avengers
6. CSI: Death Star

7. Han Solo

8. Stan Lee's the Man
9. If You're Khan...

10. Comic Book Bane vs. Dark Knight Rises Bane

Which was your favorite?

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  1. Go Stan Lee!
    Avengers movie in one gif is accurate.
    So is the love for Lucas. The last really good Star Wars film was... Spaceballs.

  2. Indestructible Items in Avengers! Hulk must have some pants made by Oden!

  3. We have to totally disagree with #5 and respectfully direct your attention to this more accurate chart: http://hegeekshegeek.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/reasons-girls-liked-the-avengers-chart/

  4. Too funny. Laughed at those of Leia and Han Solo. Agreed about Hulk's pants.


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