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Watch THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Sequel Preview Created By Fans [Video]

The Dark Knight Legacy fan film, Red Hood (Maury Sterling)
If you enjoyed Christopher Nolan's take on Batman, then watch the fan film sequel to The Dark Knight Rises.

 As much as I loved Christopher Nolan's films I have one regret: That he stopped at the trilogy. Even though he said he's done making the films, in my heart I secretly hope he's going to make more.

That'll never happen, but one group of fans made a short film that asks the question: What would happen after The Dark Knight Rises?

Woody Tondorf and Chris Landa have created a "close enough" approximation of what Nolan left behind after The Dark Knight Rises. It's called The Dark Knight Legacy. It's not perfect, but The Red Hood, Penguin, Ventriloquist, and Stephanie Brown all get a gritty Nolan-esque feel.

It's described as, "Dark Knight Legacy follows 'Robin' John Blake's (Daniel Vincent Gourdh) journey to protect the symbol of Batman from the attacks of a masked vigilante known only as the Red Hood"

Check it out. Warning: This film is as violent as the feature films and may have some objectionable language. It's hard to tell since the sound is muffled.

It's just a seven minute preview, but they're currently trying to raise money for a full-length film. Currently they have $11,101 raised of $30,000 goal with 29 days left, so they're well on they're way.

If they make the film maybe, just maybe, it'll persuade Christopher Nolan to make another one. For that alone I hope they make they're goal.

(Via MTV)

What do you think of the preview? Should they make the rest of the film? Would you like to see Nolan make one more Batman film?

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  1. They did a good job. Clever to use the flashing lights for the fight sequence. Although yeah, it might cause seizures!
    $30,000 isn't a lot - bet they hit their target.

  2. I like what they've done, but If a filmmaker is done then he probably has no more passion for the series. I wouldn't mind seeing their full movie take on it though.

  3. The problem with having Red Hood and Nightwing is that in the comics, Red Hood is either the early incarnation of the Joker or the late incarnation of Jason Todd. This one couldn't be either. And if that's the case, why bother?

  4. The Red Hood wouldn't make much sense in the Nolanverse since (spoiler) he's supposed to be the second Robin and obviously that never happened. I was all for a series of Nightwing movies though. Maybe Nolan could just produce them like Man of Steel and let someone else handle the directing chores.

  5. Don't know enough of the background, but that was well done. Good luck reaching their goal!

  6. Don't know much about the dark knight storyline based on the comics but I thought the video was pretty cool.


  7. Nice fan film. They did a great job.

  8. That's a good idea Pat, maybe they can lure him back.

  9. I think that was a great twist for those that know the character. I was surprised when Robin showed up.

  10. It's sad but it's better to end on a high note David.

  11. They made another $400 since this morning Alex. Yeah. This is happening.


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