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Watch the Worst Superhero Ever in 'Electroshock' [Video]

French students at the animation company ESMA School of the Arts made a very Pixar-esque short film lampooning the comic book genre. It's about a small-town loser who gains time-stopping superpowers, and becomes the superhero Electroshock to impress a local girl. Unfortunately, things don't go like they do in the comics.

[Via Vimeo via SF Signal via Cartoon Brew]

What did you think of the video?


  1. Students? They did an amazing job!

  2. Is he worse than The Greatest American Hero? Though I don't really remember that show except for the theme song.

  3. I loved that show, Pat! Good question, too. Well, the Greatest American Hero did have problems, but he still managed to get the bad guys. So GAH has Electroshock one-upped there.

  4. They did, Alex. I thought it was made by some pro animation company


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