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6 Awesome Videos That Put 'Star Wars' in Real Life [Video]

These days, it seems like everything is on video with people whipping out cellphones and uploading the results to YouTube. If somebody spotted something weird in the sky like, say, the Death Star, we'd probably see it. That's the premise behind these videos putting Star Wars into our modern world.

6. Some Imperial Star Destroyers spotted in the skies overhead

5. A Millenium Falcon takes off

4. A Star Destroyer arrives in the suburbs

3. An Imperial cruiser appears over a major city

2. What if the Empire invaded San Francisco?

1. The Death Star faces a familiar rival...

What did you think of the videos? Which was your favorite? Any other fictional starships you'd like to see in the real world?
[Image Source: YouTube]
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    1. Glad you liked them, Jeremy. The destruction of the Enteprise was definitely the most professionally done.

    2. I wonder that myself, Alex, what with all the gullible people online. As for the Enterprise, I guess that settled the "star wars vs star trek" debate in a dramatic fashion.

    3. That last one was well done, but painful to watch. (No, not the Enterprise!) I wonder how many people have viewed those and thought they were real. I mean, it's on the Internet - it HAS to be real, right?

    4. I liked the Star Destroyer Crash and the Death Star Destroys vids the best. Awesome short and sweet vids for real


    Thanks for commenting!.