The Dark Knight Rises is one of the biggest movies of the year. If you're headed to the movie theater this weekend, why not go in style? Show your support for the film by dressing Batman style! No. Don't buy that Batman kid's mask from the dollar store. Wear a cool t-shirt!

Our contest sponsor is RedBubble.com, so I thought I'd share some of the awesome stuff they have available based on the latest Batman film.

1. Gotham City Police Dept. by SamHumer
Here's a subtle, but awesome shirt design. The police are under siege in Gotham City, but you can support them with this shirt.
Gotham City Police Dept. by SamHumer 

2. The Masked Man by SpaceTruckerBoi
A great tribute to the masked man himself: Bane.
 The Masked Man by SpaceTruckerBoi 

3. Gotham City Knights Baseball by johnbjwilson
In the movie the Gotham City Knight are a football team, but this t-shirt is close enough. Show your city pride.
Gotham City Knights Baseball by johnbjwilson
4. BANE - Gotham's Reckoning - RISE by WarnerStudio
Bane's most chilling quote is featured on this shirt.
BANE - Gotham's Reckoning - RISE by WarnerStudio 
5. Catwoman's Kiss by DLIU36
The lipstick kiss from the movie poster is featured in this shirt. It's adaptable.
Catwoman's Kiss by DLIU36

6. The Dark Knight Legend by DLIU36
Seen in The Dark Knight Rises viral marketing campaign. 

The Dark Knight Legend by DLIU36

7. Bane Facebook by Shaun Beresford
Bane's Facebook status after his encounter with Batman. The best part is the Joker likes it.
Bane Facebook by Shaun Beresford  
8. In Nolan We Trust by DLIU36
Show how much you love director Christopher Nolan with this t-shirt. They call him “The Governor” on set. He can do no wrong.

In Nolan We Trust by DLIU36
9. Bane! by ajf89
Stylized off the comic book version of Bane. This shirt makes you do a double-take.

Bane! by ajf89
10. Why so Logical? by Latta
Batman and Star Trek fans come together with this Joker stylized Spock.
Why so Logical? by Latta

By the way, if you like RedBubble why not become a twitter follower? They get a chance at a $50 gift certificate!

What do you think of the shirts? Have you been to RedBubble yet?
[Image Source: RedBubble.com]
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd most likely wear Legend, but In Nolan We Trust is awesome! So is the Spock one. That would go over well at Trek conventions.

jeremy [retro-zombie] said...

those are very cool... i think as a star trek nut, the spock one wins... i have a few cool ideas for the new superman film... as i was on the set and took some cool behind the scenes stuff of things that probably didn't want me to shoot.

Pat Dilloway said...

I'm sure none of those would be in my size: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL

Maurice Mitchell said...

Alex, those are good. If someone buys the Spock one they can wear it twice a year at conventions!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Jeremy, you were on set?! Wow. You'll have to blog about it when the film comes out. You should put some stuff on Redbubble. I love your designs.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Pat, shirts can't contain your awesomeness that's all.

jeremy [retro-zombie] said...

i took photos of signs that were not real, but it was smallville... so i thought i would turn some of their signage to fake company shirts... here is some links to structures that were in town, last summer... wow.



Maurice Mitchell said...

Jeremy, it just goes to show how much I've missed by not following your blog!

MPax said...

I like the Spock one best. Cool shirts.

Carol Kilgore said...

I like the GCPD shirt and the Cat Woman's Kiss shirt. Crime Fiction with a Kiss. How cool is that? LOL!

Lydia K said...

Thanks, you're now responsible for me not doing any work for the next hour as I look through that website...

Tony Laplume said...

I'd be most likely to wear the Dark Knight Legend one. It's simple and awesome.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Tony, sometimes simple is better.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Lydia, its not hard to do. They have some very creative artists. You're welcome. ;)

Colin "Fitz" Biggs said...

Bane's Facebook status is humorous. I would like the GCPD shirt, but they are so damn inefficient, it would be hard to want to recognize them.


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