OUR EXPLANATION: Bruce Stark, billionaire and scientific genius, is shot in the chest by a mugger who also kills his parents. Stark is forced to wear a chestplate to maintain his heart, and fashions a suit of armor to wage war on crime. Inspired by a bat that crashes through his hospital window, Stark becomes IRON BAT. Click to enlarge...

[Via fashionablygeek]

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Spacerguy said...

Batmans eyes look wicked, lol.

Nigel Mitchell said...

They do. He's hardcore, even in armor

Pat Dilloway said...

That is cool. It reminds me of the Azrael Batman from the 90s.

vezz said...

this looks legit

venom90 said...

from what I've heard. this skin is in a cold ,cold heart. hope so!


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