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Top 11 Dinosaurs I Hope Are At the Real Life Dinosaur Park in New Jersey

Coming in 2012, a theme park in New Jersey will feature life-size dinosaurs. Here are ten dinos I hope are there. Called Field Station: Dinosaurs, this A 24-acre park in Secaucus, New Jersey will have 30 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs walking around.
Set against the breathtaking natural backdrop of the New Jersey Meadowlands and nestled at the base of a 150 million year old rock formation, the Field Station is an oasis of natural wonder just nine minutes from New York City. Over thirty life-sized, realistic dinosaurs (including the ninety foot long Argentinasaurus, the largest animatronic dinosaur ever made) come to life thanks to the brilliant engineering of the world's leading roboticists and the imagination of our artists.
To justify the expense, and make it more than just Jurassic Park in real-life there will also be a petting zoo and programs about dinosaurs and the environment.

Frankly, I don't care about any of that. I just want to run with dinosaurs. Here are 11 I hope will be there.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
The video shows a guy in a suit walking around and it looks pretty cool.The only problem is he's the size of a large horse. Nothing like the one we see in Jurassic Park. At least have a couple dudes standing on their shoulders so it gives it some scale. Great for scaring Japanese tourists.

2. Triceratops
My personal favorite dinosaur, this big behemoth with horns is the most unique looking dinosaur I know.

3. Brachiosaurus
One of the largest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. This one would take up the whole park. Plus, he would make an awesome roller coaster.

4. Stegosaurus
Named the bony plated lizard back when people thought they were lizards, this bad boy has a massive spiked tail. The tail alone would be an insurance nightmare, but it would make for great pictures with the ambulance drivers.

5. Parasaurolophus
This one actually comes from a trading card from Dinosaur Attacks I saw when I was a kid. The image of one of these things with a baby carriage still haunts me. Hopefully I can make a new memory of one of these being petted by a small child.

6. Pterodactyl
Aside from being really cool dinosaurs they would be a great ride. Have four of these things spinning in a circle and make people dizzy. Also, they could dive-bomb tourists. Twain once said, "It was a spectacle, that beast! a mixture of buzzard and alligator, a sarcasm, an affront to all animated nature, a butt for the ribald jests of an unfeeling world."

7. Velociraptor
Jurassic Park made them famous. Fast and vicious they would be awesome for pictures. If they wanted to be accurate though they'd have to be smaller than the movie. The real ones were pretty dinky. Plus, they would be great in hamburgers.

8. Ankylosaurus 
A tank on legs, the Ankylosaurus would be the most visually striking. It's bony tail and horns would be perfect for New York. Most New Yorkers already have thick skins.

9. Microraptor
Incredibly small with little wings on its arms and legs this would be a great money-generator. Sprinkle them around the park and when people accidentally step on them scream, "Oh no! That dinosaur cost ten million dollars!" Mo' Money! Mo' Money!

10. Dilophosaurus
This theropod from Jurassic Park would be perfect for the security guards. If some guys causing trouble they could spit in his eyes and drag him out while he's flailing in agony. Watch the surprisingly boring video about a life-size dinosaur theme park below.

11. Helen Mirren
Yes, she's not technically a dinosaur, but this 65-year-old actress would get a lot of attention. Have you seen her in a bikini?!

Via /Film

What about you? Which dinosaur would you like to see in real life? Let us know in the comments
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  1. That last one made me laugh out loud!!

  2. The triceratops was my favorite dinosaur as a kid. I wonder if all kids have an obsession with dinosaurs?

  3. Alex, have you ever seen her in her bikini? It's surprisingly hot.

  4. Michael, I think so. My son is in his dinosaur obsession phase. Some of us never outgrow it though.


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