There are some new on-set images of the Superman costume for The Man of Steel online and I'm going to do a quick analysis to show the changes.

I can summarize it by saying it's ridiculous. He looks like a "Power Ranger." It's a pretty drastic shift from the traditional costume and most of the changes are unnecessary.

For reference, here's the new costume next to the traditional costume from the 1980s Superman films. This costume became the standard after the first film.

The blue and red colors are there, but darker and muted.


The length and shape of the cape is another highly debated topic. The fabric seems to be fairly loose, but judging from the picture above it goes way past his feet dragging on the ground. The traditional costume goes to behind the knees leaving his legs free.

We may see a few scenes of him tripping on it while running after General Zod.

The traditional shape is there. No dramatic changes to the boots are visible.
Textured and made out of a rubbery latex. While spandex has gone out of fashion since the 80's there's no reason to get rid of it for Superman. After all, the Superman's costume was created to emulate the costume of acrobats.

It still shows his muscles and body shape, so this isn't a huge change. What is strange is it has that textured look that is now popular for superhero costumes since Spider-Man.

The traditional costume has no gloves, but this one give the impression of gloves at the wrist.

Chest symbol
Much wider crossing the shoulders from end-to-end. The shape itself has changed over the years, but reminds me of the Alex Ross Kingdom Come comic design with a focus on the center line. This actually looks pretty good.
No belt to speak of but a set of curved lines. A very small circle for the belt buckle. Some pictures show red coloration on the belt lines and others do not.

This is a pretty big departure from the comics because the shape and size of the belt buckle is a source of great discussion about uber-nerds. Should it be round? Square? Shield shaped?

Update: If you want to read the opposing viewpoint check out In-Depth Analysis of 'Man of Steel's' Awesome New Superman Costume.

What do you think of the new costume?


Kim said...

The new costume supersucks.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I just don't understand what was wrong with the traditional costume. Subject: [geektwins] Re: In-Depth Analysis of 'Man of Steel's' Goofy Superman Costume [Photos] ~ The Geek Twins

Maurice Mitchell said...

I'm hoping the cape was that long for dramatic effect, otherwise it will be very distracting.Subject: [geektwins] Re: In-Depth Analysis of 'Man of Steel's' Goofy Superman Costume [Photos] ~ The Geek Twins

Maurice Mitchell said...

Subject: [geektwins] Re: In-Depth Analysis of 'Man of Steel's' Goofy Superman Costume [Photos] ~ The Geek Twins

Monkeybusiness2k said...

If it just had the yellow belt and red shorts I think it would be fine.

AlexJCavanaugh said...

I agree with you on the cape! He's going to catch that on everything.

Michael Offutt said...

I'm with you on this man. I don't like the new costume and I think that this movie is gonna suck some serious canal water. However, I shall reserve ultimate judgement until I see it. But yeah...I don't like all these changes.

Nilesrumfoord said...

Even Superman has to grow up sometime...

Maurice Mitchell said...

Good point Niles!

Subject: [geektwins] Re: In-Depth Analysis of 'Man of Steel's' Goofy Superman Costume [Photos] ~ The Geek Twins

Derek Evans said...

horrible write up...you want to nit pick just for the sake of doing so

Samuelwood38 said...

I like it, it's updated but without changing the full image of kal-el !

Mike Smith7 said...

It's horrendous!!! When will they stop messing with things that are good and fix, um I don't know, the story line. No red on the pants? The symbol is horrible. what the heck is with the waits lines? I can understand something like this on Batman but the dull colors are not Superman. Cape length is ridiculous. I already hate this movie from the suit alone. Bring back color, a good "S" (and NOT the Routh one) reduce the cape length, red on pants and yellow belt. FYI I also hate the New 52 Superman suit too. Superman isn't the head of an army as that suit makes him look like. I've always seen the aprochability of Superman as a strong point. That suit ruins that. 

DanielDLP said...

Looks great, don't know why a bunch of people is mad about it. The reason of this changes is 'cuz they wanna make this movie kinda like the new batman's trilogy (more serious and dark stuff) and that suit (wich is great) reflects that!
And the last Superman's movie had the same classic Superman's suit and was horrible, seriously it just sucked!
So, i honestly think this suit looks just great.

DanielDLP said...

Unlike the other movies, they wanna make a dark and serious history. That's why there's no yellow belt and red panties, i mean in real world someone dressing like that would look like a pussy. As you see, the suit has dark colors, more serious, actually they wanna make that movie kinda like the new batman's trilogy, more serious and stuff.
So, the last Superman's movie had the same classic Superman's suit and was horrible, the worse Superman movie i've ever seen.
Let's give it a shot, looks more serious and realistic.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a redesign, just stop desaturating the colors. Let Batman be dark - that's his thing. Supes is about hope. He's light. I'd love to see a version with an Alex Ross color scheme actually. :D

Derek said...

Based in the footage shown at comic-con the colors are vibrant and bright. And the action is there!

Grayden said...

Of all the things you'd expect someone to pick up on, the author completely neglects the no "underwear on the outside". For shame!

Colin "Fitz" Biggs said...

I wonder if Zod grabs him by the cape and beats the hell out of him with it?

ccaruana91 said...

hopefully my post will clear up some of the hating going towards the new costume:

1. The colors are darker because they are trying to match the Christopher Nolan batman costume, yes i know that superman has always had a much brighter costume but that was drawn up during The Great Depression when america needed a bright and happy role model, now that we are no longer in a depression we do not need that version of superheros anymore, hence the darker version of all the batman characters. so the colors fit the time period.
2. The Cape length. Yes the cape is as long as batman's cape, but its not really a big deal considering superman can fly so he doesnt do a whole lot of running, yea it should be shorter but its not an issue
3. No spandex. I want to thank the producers for getting rid of the spandex, going with the trend of making the superheros more "realistic" no self respecting superhero would run around in spandex in the 21st century, as for the texture, its a nice touch that allows the details of the costume to be more noticed.
4. Gloves...? This costume, along with every other superman costume, does not have gloves. This one has bracers, which if you look at the New 52 superman, his costume is very similar, it has bracers and is made of a more body armor looking material. I welcome the bracers.
5. The belt. Superman's belt has always confused me because it doesnt serve any purpose for him whatsoever. He does not need to keep his costume up nor does he store anything in it, the Only function the belt served was to divide up the blue of the lower and upper body, this costume still has a belt like feature that serves the same purpose. Once again this goes back to the fact that these movies are trying to be realistic. There is no reason for someone to be wearing a belt if it serves no practical purpose.

I hope this settles down some of the hating towards the new costume, i personally love it and look forward to the new movie.

Sam Yates said...

I think it's the best Superman costume ever. I love the darker tinted blue, the design around the waist, the lines, the pattern, everything. It's just beautifully different. People who don't like it are just stuck in the past.

adam said...

Everyone has already said what I was thinking in the comments below. The only thing I noticed that is actually worth talking about is the missing red underwear which was somehow not mentioned. Probably because it was more important to mention his wristbands, or "gloves". the missing underwear does make his bulge a bit too in your face. The only thing goofy here is the author

Vi said...

thank god those red shorts are gone!

alpharhotau said...

Great new costume...he actually look like the man of steel and not a grown telly tubby. I think the concept of Superman being a good guy is over done. He shouldnt remind me of "officer friendly" the guy who came to my school when I was 6 or 7 . It was cool at the time but I would rather someone look the part than wear his underwear with a blanket wrapped around his neck. The over all design is good...even the design on his wrist and waist suggest flight. If you ganna be faster than a speeding bullet, you might as well look like one. I going to see this movie....the first Superman movie for me it will be.

alpharhotau said...

Personally when I see Superman movie I'm expecting the usual red panties with blue jamies ... so the new look actually make me want to see the movie. I'm not a superman fan....the whole concept is weak....only the S sheild on his chest holds weight. Even "The Blur" had a better concept....this guy actually looks like what is potential is the man of steel

Peregrine2976 said...

The costume didn't make a lot of sense to me at first. Then, upon seeing the film and realizing that it's sort of a Kryptonian uniform or jumpsuit - emblazoned with the symbol of one's house - this costume made perfect sense to me.

Checkii said...

its made to look a little alien like.


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