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The Timeline of River Song [Infographic]

River Song (Alex Kingston)/BBC
River Song is one of the most complex characters that the TV show Doctor Who has ever introduced. She's also the most convoluted in terms of time. For example, the first time the Doctor met her was also the last, because she died. But at that point, she had a long history with the Doctor that she refused to disclose. The Doctor continued to encounter her again and again at different points in her life until she finally revealed the truth. Even if you've seen the series, you might be having a little trouble keeping it all straight. Fortunately, this timeline lays it all out in excellent detail.

If you haven't seen it all, then beware...

What do you think of River Song?

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  1. River had to grow on me.
    At first I never knew if she was to be trusted or not.

  2. She's one of my favorite characters and I've always wanted to know more about her and the Doctor. Their love story would've / should've been epic!

  3. Yeah, I didn't know what to make of her either. Trusted? Kind of yes, kind of no.

  4. She wasn't in the one episode I watched. Did she used to be on ER?

  5. She sure was. Or at least, the actress was


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