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10 Famous Sci-Fi Movies Without Special Effects

Source: Marvel's The Avengers
Today's movies rely heavily on special effects, but the companies that produce those effects are being deliberately destroyed.

Visual effects company Rhythm and Hues won an Oscar for their beautiful work on Life of Pi, but had to file for bankruptcy and fire 254 employees. The reasons are complex, and outlined well in this open letter, but the short version is that movie studios are forcing SFX companies to work harder for less money. Yet Ang Lee didn't even mention R+H in his acceptance speech for Best Director, when he remembered to thank the people who built the pools. In fact, when directly asked about the bankruptcy, Ang Lee said, "I would like it [special effects] to be cheaper."

As a result, many websites have been posting photos of what modern movies would look like without special effects. The point is to show the importance of CGI and SFX, and what miracles are being performed for our enjoyment.
Source: Star Wars II: The Attack of the Clones
Source: Star Trek Into Darkness
Source: Gravity
Source: Pacific Rim
Source: Marvel's The Avengers
Source: The Matrix
Source: Iron Man 2
Source: The Dark Knight
Source: Superman Returns
Source: Avatar

[Image sources: Beforevfx]

What do you think? What would movies be like without SFX?

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  1. This is why, love him or hate him, George Lucas started ILM for Star Wars. Now Disney has laid off many to cut cost. The Artist in this industry do not get a fair share, or the respect they deserve.

  2. The hulk definitely looks a lot different. Btw the one looks like superman returns not man of steel.

  3. Then there will be a time when these special effects geniuses and hard workers won't be there for them, when there is no respect or pay.

  4. Watch out, Superman! The Kryptonite Men (and Wall!!!) will catch you!!!

  5. Nisse SöderströmApril 22, 2014 at 4:45 AM

    interesting... you never really thing about how much sfx goes into a movie. i kinda feel like watching an entire movie now without sfx (the avengers for instance) just to see what it would look like.


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