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4 Low-Budget Versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe [Movies]

Was Marvel's Avengers too high budget for you? Instead of big-name stars and cutting-edge special effects, do you long for unknown actors and SFX that a high schooler could improve on? With Marvel's films breaking records, it was only a matter of time before people tried to ride their success. Low-budget filmmakers have dedicated themselves to creating mockbusters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they're all terrible. Let's do the rounds.

1. The Amazing Bulk - It all started here with the Amazing Bulk. "Henry Howard, an ambitious young scientist, struggles to develop a super human serum designed to improve muscle mass and prolong life expectancy. Hank injects himself with the experimental serum and is transformed into the Amazing Bulk." If you thought the CGI in Ang Lee's Hulk was bad, wait'll you get a load of this. Plus, the entire movie is shot in green-screen. It worked in Sin City, right?

2. Captain Battle: Legacy War - If Captain America was too intellectual for you, check out Captain Battle. "Captain Battle follows in the footsteps of his great grandfather, a WWII super hero known as CAPTAIN BATTLE, by accepting an experimental drug while in the military. The drug turns him into a super-being with strength, agility and intelligence beyond that of a normal human." Loosely based on a Golden Age comic (as in nothing really like the original comic, but it goes us legal cover from Marvel) this American hero clone is...well, pretty much what it sounds like.

3. Almighty Thor - The great thing about Marvel's Thor (for mockbuster movies, anyway) is that Marvel doesn't own the rights to the mythical Norse character. That means anyone can make their own version of Thor, and they have. This movie improves on the Marvel character in one aspect: Thor uses machine guns. And it's got Richard Grieco. So you know it's class.

The worst part about this movie is the hammer. Believe it or not, it looks even worse in the movie than it does in the picture below. They just glued a chunk of styrofoam onto a stick. No expense spared.

4. Metal Man - Who needs Robert Downey Jr. when you have Reggie Bannister? You know, from Phantasm? This Iron Man clone is just as good, right? When a guy gets stuck in an exoskeleton, he has to fight bad guys. That's pretty much all you need to know. This version has some other powers besides repulsor beams, like healing people and turning invisible. What it doesn't have is everything you liked about the original.

Which one would you see? Which one is the worst? What other mockbusters should they do of the Marvel universe?

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  1. yuck! I''m glad I've never seen this before.
    They could do a Deadpool, just dress up a guy in a red spider-man suit and talk to the camera while shooting guns. You break the 4th wall while killing baddies.

  2. I very much prefer the high-budget versions.

  3. If there is anything more awesome than Thor, God Of Thunder, using a machine gun, I don't know what it could be. I want to watch that movie so much.

    The "Bulk" one isn't real, right? That's a joke, right? The car looks like a cardboard cutout. How hard is it to get a CAR on the set? I could film a better version using my phone.

    But Thor. OH MAN that looks great. Is Sharknado copyrighted? Because I've got an idea for a sequel.

  4. Yeah "mockbusters" are a big industry now thanks to Netflix and all that. I think they just copied this idea from the porn industry and probably porno ripoffs of popular movies have better production values than these.

  5. dunno about the rest but captain battle was a comic book from golden age https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Battle so plz dont assume that that one is a ko also marvels thor is owned but the mythical god thor isnt which is hwat almighty thor was based on so only 2 at least in my onpinion are mockers :P

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