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Chinese BATMAN BEGINS: Lost in Translation

When the Chinese decided to bootleg Batman Begins, something got lost along the way.

There's a phenomenon known as "Engrish," where Asian attempts to translate English go horribly wrong. The best example I've seen is the Chinese translation on the back of a bootleg copy of Batman Begins. It comes from a Redditor named whynow who found a copy at a Chinese dollar store. I don't know which is funnier, the actual translation or a video trailer someone made reading the translation. So here's both.

[The Awesomer via IMGUR]

What do you think? Can Batman stroke all criminal activities in Gate? Or will Doctor Jackstraw get quite familiar with him?

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  1. I think the reading of it was funnier. Not sure how he became Spiderman at one point, And here we thought Japanese to English was bad!

  2. WTF?! I'm With Alex on this one. It reminds me why I like my Anime W/subtitles instead of bad english voice actors.


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