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How to Get Your Face on a Custom-made Star Trek Figurine [Stuff]

Now if you're like me, friends, you don't just want to play with Star Trek action figures. You want to actually be a crew member on the Enterprise, amirite? But you can't be a crew member on the Enterprise, can you? No, that's crazy talk! But you can do the next best thing. 3D Systems, in conjunction with Paramount, has created a service where you can actually put your face on a Star Trek figurine.

All you need to do is go to the Cubify website, and upload two photographs. Then you can select from a variety of pre-made poses- Starfleet or Vulcan, male or female, ensign or captain, tricorder or phaser in hand. You can also choose a saying to be included on the figurine’s base. In return, 3D Systems will use a 3D printer to put your face on a 5.5” figurine or statuette.  Each figurine costs $69.99. The first figurines are strictly for the Original Series, but the company promises to offer figures in other series, too.

[Via Cubify via Startrek via Engadget]

What do you think of the figurine? Would you get a Star Trek figurine?
[Image Source: Star Trek]

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  1. I wouldn't want my face on anything.

  2. Heck with me - I'll upload my wife's photos! Wait, is that weird?

  3. That would be awesome!

  4. That's cool. I wouldn't want one, but I can imagine giving this as a gift.

  5. Is it ok to play with yourself?
    For $69.99 I think I would put me on a shelf and watch me go down in value.

  6. that is funny... i can play with myself for free...

  7. i look like riker, so i have me some where... this is a fun idea, pick a red shirt and prepare to fall off the shelf to your plastic death.


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