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How Would Big Foot Stack Up to a Werewolf in Battle? [Guest]

Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch or Yeti) is a well-known figure in pop culture and mythology. We started the A-Z challenge with an article on the 5 Greatest Bigfoot in Pop Culture, so it seemed only fitting that we come to an end on the topic as well. After our original article, we were contacted by James Duncan, a Senior Editor for Direct2TV who loves to write topics on Cryptozoology such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, and other mythical creatures. He asked the provocative question: Bigfoot versus werewolf? Here's his answer:

Have you ever thought about who would win in an epic battle, Big Foot or a werewolf? That would be a showdown to watch. It may not be as awesome as Alien versus Predator, but then again, you might be surprised. Sure, a werewolf can move swiftly and has fangs that can rip a man to shreds, but we shouldn't dismiss Big Foot so quickly. Or should we?

The legend of Big Foot is relatively new compared to that of the werewolf though there have been many stories among indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest describing "wildmen," and such stories have been told all around the world. Descriptions of these so-called wildmen vary greatly and it wasn't until 1958 that the Big Foot name was coined.

The werewolf has been a part of folklore since at least medieval times. Early stories depicted the werewolf as a victim of evil magic and later it became a symbol of the devil itself, a satanic beast with a thirst for blood and human flesh. When the full moon rises, those bitten by a werewolf become one and cannot control the impulse to kill.

If Big Foot and a werewolf were to cross paths, who would come out the victor? Though most would probably say the werewolf would win hands down, it's important to note Big Foot's sheer size in comparison to most depictions of the werewolf. Many report Big Foot standing a massive ten feet tall and weighing up to 500 pounds. A werewolf might only be about six feet tall and weigh half that of Big Foot.

Big Foot also reportedly has a distinctive and strong, unpleasant odor which might be enough to send a werewolf running in the other direction. Even the most vicious animals tend to avoid unfamiliar and repulsive smells. Big Foot would also have to have enormous strength. A full-grown chimpanzee which can weigh up to 200 pounds has five to six times the strength of a man, so it's no stretch to think that Big Foot could easily pummel a wayward werewolf.

Of course, the werewolf has superhuman strength as well, so a battle with Big Foot could prove to be an equal pairing of power between the two. The werewolf is definitely more agile, however, giving it a distinct advantage over the more lumbering Big Foot. This epic battle is starting to sound more interesting as we look closer at each creature's attributes. Maybe a win for the werewolf isn't so cut and dry after all.

If Big Foot were to be bitten by a werewolf, what would happen then? Would he become a werewolf at the full moon? How would he look? Would he be truly unstoppable? Some say that Big Foot is just misunderstood, a peaceful creature who wishes to be left alone. We may find ourselves sympathizing with Big Foot in a life or death struggle with a blood-thirsty werewolf. After all, Big Foot has never been known to hurt a soul.

Bio: James Duncan is a Senior Editor for Direct2TV who loves to write topics on Cryptozoology such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, and other mythical creatures. James spends most of his free time researching evidence about Bigfoot. James has been focusing on Bigfoot evidence for 6 years.

What do you think? Who would win in this fight? What other mythical monsters would you like to see duke it out? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Would we have Were-foots if he was bitten? I'd say the werewolf would come out on top.

  2. Werewolf of course, unless it was the ridiculous four legged wolves like in Wolfen, then Big foot.

  3. Best answer

  4. I'd like to see Were-foot

  5. True, Tony. Bigfoot would probably run away and hide


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