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Who Really Believes in Bigfoot? [Infographic]

Recently, a team of scientists announced that they had not only found genetic evidence of Bigfoot, but had analyzed it and determined it to be part human. While the announcement itself is pretty worthless - first, you have to accept that they have DNA from Bigfoot, which they haven't provided to back up their claims - it does raise the question of belief. Instead of tracking Bigfoot, how about we track people who believe in Bigfoot? How many men vs. women? Where are they most common? Check out this handy infographic by LiveScience to find out.

[Via livescience]

What do you think of the infographic?


  1. Funny! Sorry, I've never believed in Bigfoot.

  2. Wow, 139 sightings in Michigan? Must be up in the UP.

  3. I've been fascinated by Big Foot, did a report in college. Interesting insight into the phenomenon. Big Foot is the next zombie!


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