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Geek Bits: Superman, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Batman, Star Trek and More [Links]

1. Trivia Question
During the filming of Superman the movie, who thought they caused the 1977 New York blackout?

2. Blogfests  

Songs That Inspire Through Sadness Blogfest by Spunk on A Stick
List the songs that move your spirit, cut deep into your soul, and threaten to break your heart. 

  1. Spock's Funeral Watch
  2. Bruce Wayne's parent's death memory Watch
  3. Darth Vader's funeral pyre Watch
  4. Death of the horse Artax in The Never Ending Story Watch
  5. Death of the dog Sam in I Am Legend Watch
3. Links 

4. Trivia Answer
Cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth mistakenly believed he had caused the New York City Blackout of July 13-14, 1977, by plugging in a spotlight to a lamppost while filming the movie "Superman."

In fact, many New Yorkers believed it too because of the air conditioning and lights needed to film their scenes. The studio put out an apology just in case, but the Mayor demanded an investigation. It turned out an electrical storm had caused a lightning bolt to strike one of Consolidated Edison's key transmission lines, knocking out all electricity in the five boroughs of New York and Westchester County, and plunging some ten million people into darkness. Filming continued thanks to mobile generators and air conditioned cars.

[Image Source: furiousfanboys.com]


  1. Thanks for mentioning my movie post. Good picks for the song blogfest.

  2. Your score/classical pieces... amazing choices...

    Please Check out My Sad Song List...
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  3. I feel torn between 1 and 3 which are real tear jerkers but I'm not defecting, LOL. Curious though isn't it? Darth Vaders dark side powers are totally useless in bringing him back from the grave but Mr Spock katra lives though life and death. 

  4. Thanks Jeremy! Great list you have. If "With or Without You" had been in a sci-fi movie it would have been number one.

  5. Great song picks. Sad moments punctuated by emotional scores. Thanks for the mention. :)

  6. Thanks M.Pax. I tried to find the song titles, but its hard. If anyone knows what they are, please let me know.

  7. I like your choices for sad songs - fits well with your blog. Thanks for joining my blogfest.

  8. Commander Spacey, it's a tough call for a Star Trek fan I know! I don't suppose you know the name of the song playing?


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